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 Prints of Albion Michigan and

Albion College by Maggie LaNoue



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Prints of Albion College-

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___39. Albion College Campus (tan)


___143. Wesley Hall


___144. Robinson Hall


___148. Goodrich Chapel


___183. Observatory



   Prints of the City of Albion


___38. Downtown, 1910


___ 55. Albion Train Depot

 ___ 198. Aerial View 1993

Full Color, size 13" x 18"


___110. Gardner House Museum


 ___165. Winter Morning


___166. American Molder


___167.Festival of the Forks


  ___181. Washington Gardner Jr. High

___184. Forks of the River


___185. Albion Public Library


 ___ 191. Harrirngton School


 ___199. Haven Hills Farm



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© 2001 All Rights Reserved

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