The Internet: You know about it. You'd like a Web page for your business.  What is happening on the Web right now? What is the simplest way to get started? How will your page be found? What are the costs?  How do you do go about it?  Who will take care of it for you?

Here are some answers.
What's happening on the Web right now:
Businesses in and around Albion are now doing business on the Web.  They are marketing their products and services.  They are being found by people around the world.  And they are making sales.

You know that the World Wide Web can give you a global market.  You can market your business, or sell your products, not only locally, but on a national basis. This flip side of this is that your competitors from far away can be stealing your customers from right next door.  It makes sense to get a presence on the Web now.

The simplest way to get started:
You don't have to start with a large Web site.  You can start with a simple Web page, and add features as you go.   Your "basic Web page" contains:

How your Web page will be found:    Included with your basic web page, we will link your site from Links from these three web sites are a $60 value annually.  We will submit your site to the top ten search engines for web marketing, a $100 value, included in this basic Web site.  This service should be performed semiannually for maximum exposure of your site.

The costs:
This basic web page as outlined above is available to you until March 31, 1998 for $300.  With the marketing and links from the local home pages, it is regularly a $460 value.  Hosting of the site is an additional $20 per month.  This fee assures that your site will remain on the web, and that we can cover our costs for maintaining the site.  Or you can choose to let your site gradually grow for a $50 per month charge. You may fax or mail  to us minor changes or additions to your web page and your site can grow as part of the $50 monthly  fee.  Some extra features you may wish to add to your site would be a map, additional graphics including photos of your business, more product information, history of your business, etc.  Major changes to your web page, such as new pages, "frames", 3D graphics, and photographs we take, are available for an additional charge. You may also wish to  promote your site on a national level from a major community directory, ask us for more details.

How you get started:
Call Albion Design and we will  send you a checklist so we can plan your Web page and your Web marketing.  We will need a paragraph or two about your services, products and specialties.  If you have special sales, or unique aspects of your business, include this information.  Think of ten key words that describe your business, that would assist the search engines to send people to your site if they type in words that describe what you do.

Why choose Albion Design?
Albion Design has been creating web page since 1995 and has established  a reputation of doing quality design work in this area since 1980.  We will take care of your Web page, and offer tips as to how you can integrate your Web site into the rest of your marketing plan.  We guarantee our work.  We are local and available for consultation at times you would not be able to contact an out-of-town web designer, such as weekends.  We support the community of Albion.  You will be discussing and planning your web site with the actual designers of the site, not some sales staff.

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