Web Statistics

According to statistics, Online Advertising will become an industry-wide business of over $5 Billion by the year 2000.

We have passed the 50 million user mark for Internet useage this spring. We did it in just 4 short years:

Aug 95             March 96            Jan 97

 21M                 35M                  46M

As of midnight on April 21st, there were 51,207,000 people on the Net. There is one person joining the Internet community every 1.89 seconds. 20-40,000 new users per day.

1,002,612 Web sites active as of April 97 (1997 NetCraft)

Amount spent on Internet Advertising (Source: Ionocast)

1995: $40 Million 2000: $4.5 Billion

42 percent of those that used the Internet in the past 3 months were women. (Nielsen)

4.1 Million Children surf the Net (Jupiter)

25-34 year olds represent 30 percent of the online population (Intelliquest)

There will be 11.7 Million new Internet users predicted in 1997 alone

23 percent of the U.S. population (age 16 and older) used the Internet in the last month (Nielson)

Top activities among Internet users were: E-Mail, Hobbies, Products and Services

Readers habits of Web publications(NPD Web)

67 percent used the Web to read newspapers 50 percent used the Web to read computer publications 36 percent read entertainments publications online 24 percent read Business publications 15 percent read Sports publications