Festival of the Forks Photo Tour

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Visitors from France are greeted by Albion residents as they experience Albion at its finest.

Pascale Chretien (left) and her husband Michel (right), along with Annick Theis-Viemont (center) made the trip from Albion's sister city Noisy Le Roi.


From the AlbionMich.com guestbook:


Paul Wind [Homepage] [Email] Noisy le Roi France

entry 136
Bonjour, interesting to find news from our sister-City Albion MI. I was enjoyed by the Festival Photo Tour 2002. Félicitations to Maggie LaNoue, et bonjour à tous nos amis d'Albion. Paul Wind Comité de Jumelage de Noisy le Roi cjnr@club-internet.fr
Note I invite you to visit our web site: www.cjnr.fr.st
October 23, 2002 5:52 PM
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