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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, September 24, 2000, pg. 9.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 8 at 1:30 p.m. I will be conducting my annual guided tour of Riverside Cemetery. This is an event you can bring the whole family to, and we have an enjoyable afternoon together. Weíll meet on the south side of the cemetery. We like to have relatives or friends of the deceased come to the tour in order that they may share with our group some things they remember about the person.

Here is an advance listing of the persons we will be featuring this year: The Hon. Washington Gardner (1845-1928); Warren Scott Kessler (1845-1933); Harold Schumacher (1904-1999); Carl A. (1871-1949) and Otielga (Lohrke) (1870-1933) Schumacher; Dewitt Foskit (1868-1959); Charles C. Quigg (1859-1940); Richard E. Tate (1892-1959); Andrew Kemp (1890-1948); William C. Tucker (1891-1947); Rev. James E. White (1878-1920); Arthur Thunold (1889-1963); Edgar A. Steele (1867-1936); George Luedtke (1915-1991); Arthur G. Noble (1880-1965); Walter Perkins (1862-1917); Ella (Doolittle) Allman Haight (1860-1927); Charles C. Krenerick (1873-1942); Louis VanGorden (1870-1939); Marge Gress Gorman (1892-1996); William A. Ott (1885-1962); Fred Griswold (1877-1928); Albert Schwer (1870-1924); Nick (1873-1919) and Mary (1884-1953) Martinoff; and several members of the Wochholz family clan: August (1868-1935); Frank (1871-1940); John (1864-1925); Henry (1862-1938); Robert (1900-1961); Mildred (Beilfuss) Duckworth (1899-1976); and Etta (Wright) Robillard (1893-1996).

A building in downtown Albion that is 100 years old this year is the Hurley Block, later known as the Boldt Block. It is located on the west side of N. Superior St. just south of the Michigan Central Railroad tracks. It was originally the site of an historic wooden building that had been erected by Jesse Crowell as a warehouse, and later used as a lumber planing mill by contractor George Maher.

A local developer, John J. Hurley (who moved to Jackson in 1912) purchased the property in the late 1890s, and in 1900 tore down the old structure. The present three story brick building was erected, measuring 65 x 80 feet. Today this building is 100 years old and houses the Lopez Taco House.

For many years, however, it was the home of the Boldt Brothers Saloon, operated in the first two decades of the 20th century by brothers Ernest, Herman, and William at 203 N. Superior St. Their large "Boldt Bros. Saloon" sign was painted on the side of the south side of the building and was prominent for many years. Below it was an advertisement proclaiming, "BORA-NAPTHA SOLVENT SOAP." The building also housed the North Side Bakery (205) operated by the Hoaglin brothers Edward and George. This later became "Bearmanís Tasty Pastry," owned by Fred C. Bearman. On the side of the building was Grangerís Tavern at 207 N. Superior St. which operated through the 1950s.

Upstairs apartments housed various residents in the building for many years. Today the front upper story windows show their age and are in need of repair. We wonder what the future use of this very large building might be as it enters its second century. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of the Hurley Block.

The Hurley Block


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