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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, May 22, 2016, pg. 3

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of one hundred years ago. The Class of 1916 had forty-nine members. Eighteen were boys, and thirty-one were girls. The class colors were purple and gold. The class flower was the white rose. The class motto was "Not How Much, but how Well." The class president was Frederick F. Herzer. The valedictorian was Mary Elizabeth Hubert.

The class gift to the school system was a large framed portrait of the retiring Albion Public Schools Superintendent William J. McKone. McKone had served eighteen years in that position at Albion. McKone said that with the class of 1916, Albion High School had graduated 1110 students, 699 of which were girls, and 424 boys, since graduations began in 1878.

Commencement exercises were held on Thursday, June 8 at 7:00 pm. at the Methodist Church on E. Erie St. as was the custom of the time. Speaker for the event was Rev. J. Percival Huget of the First Congregational Church in Detroit, who spoke on the topic "The Delusion of the Unearned." In his address he stated, "Make a three-fold life investment: In yourselves, your fellow beings, and your country…There is no get-success-quick scheme. In the building of success the elevator is not running. Try the stairs." Diplomas were subsequently handed out by Superintendent McKone.

The Albion Recorder reported, "One member of the class, Hazael Choate, was unable to be present at the exercises, being hospitalized as the result of an operation for appendicitis. Mr. McKone went to the hospital before the exercises, however, and gave him his diploma."

I present to you, my readers, a list of the members of the Albion High School class of 1916. I recognize the name of Dwight E. Landon, who became an Albion dentist for many years. Do any of our readers remember any of these names? Charles S. Anderson, Louise B. Arndt, Marguerite Barrell, Edward R. Bascom, Clarissa P. Bayn, Jack H. Beall, Inez L. Black, Marguerite L. Bretz, Marguerite O. Bullen, Howard W. Burden, Ruth E. Burnett, Paul F. Burns.

Edward H. Boynton, Gladys L. Champion, Hazael S. Choate, Harry R. Cole, Edith P. Cuatt, Blanche A. Champion, Florence I. Dir, Roberta E. Foote, Frederick Ford Herzer, Mary E. Hubert, Margaret R. Huff, Helen Huffer, Jesse I. Johnston.

Carla L. Kennedy, Howard P. Kirby, Dwight E. Landon, Dorothea O. Lohrke, Leo A. Mollica, Carl E. Mounteer, Ruth M. O’Melay, Irma H. Poste, Almyra K. Priest, Floyd A. Rogerts, Louis A. Schumacher, Lester E. Seekel, Viola I. Sialer, Mame B. Smith, Hobart Donald Stevens, Rose R. Taylor.

Dula M. Thayer, Vern VanMeter, Ellen M. West, Albert Whitehead, Doris Whitehead, Elda R. Wilkinson, Elva M. Wochholz, Eva H. Wright.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of 1916 Albion Public School Superintendent William J. McKone (1866-1928). His elaborate Victorian home at 215 Austin Avenue is still standing today.

1916 Albion Public School Superintendent William J. McKone (1866-1928)


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