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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, September 25, 2016, pg. 8

Perhaps youíve noticed that the Albion Community Foundation is no longer located at 203 S. Superior St. where it has been for many years. Thatís because they moved out this past summer to the former Bank of Albion building next to the U.S. Post Office. The reason is so the building can be turned into an annex for the Bohm Theatre which has purchased the site. A 40-seat theatre is now being constructed which will help with film scheduling and logistics for our increasing popular entertainment center in downtown Albion.

This building, known as the Thomas T. Lloyd building, was named after the founder of the Albion Civic Foundation in 1991. The building was originally erected in 1916, 100 years ago. In the summer of 1916 the old Albion Mill complex consisting of three buildings was demolished or moved. The Albion Recorder reported on October 12, 1916, "The old Albion Milling Companyís office just north of the new Commercial Bank building has been razed and the excavation for the new store building to be erected there by the Albion Holding Company has been started. Much of the brick of the old structure will be used in the new."

Walls quickly went up and the building was readied for occupancy. The official opening of the building occurred on March 10, 1917 with the opening of Walter E. Baumgardnerís Five and Ten Store. This was a variety store which utilized both floors of the building. The location went through various ownerships and name changes through 1929. At that time the Kostianes brothers Nick, Peter and Demosthense purchased the building and moved their Albion Confectionary establishment there. They featured sandwiches, sodas, ice cream, and similar products. The business became known as Nickís Place, and was in existence until January, 1956.

When the Kostianes brothers purchased the building, they had the second floor partitioned off into various offices. Most notably, in August, 1930 they rented an office to Marshall native Dr. Lawrence J. Heidenreich, a 25-year old Marshall native who had graduated from the University of Michigan dental school in 1928. He opened his practice here on October 11, 1930, and was here until he closed it in 1983. Many of our readers remember Dr. Heidenreich and his dental office which had its own particular smell which you noticed as you walked up those long lonely steps next to the Bohm Theatre.

There were numerous other businesses and offices in this building through the years which we donít have the space to write about here. The Albion Civic Foundation purchased the building in November, 1987, and renovations were made over the next several years. The building was named the Thomas T. Lloyd building in September, 1991.

From our Historical Notebook we present a photograph of the Thomas T. Lloyd building. How many of our readers remember this location as Nicks, or how about Hunterís Party Store, or Hopkins Music Company, or Jackís Sweeper Shop, or the Albion Volunteer Service Center?

203 South Superior Street (September 16, 2016)

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