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Here is a quick list of all the items, followed further down by descriptions.

Books by Frank Passic


Books by Other Albion Authors


Cemetery Tour Programs

1994 Tour. The Southern portion of the Cemetery
1995 Tour. The old section of the Cemetery
1996 Tour. An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery
1997 Tour. An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery, Part 2
1998 Tour. A Central Tour of Riverside Cemetery
1999 Tour. A Musicians Tour of Riverside Cemetery
2000 Tour. The Millennium Tour of Riverside Cemetery
2001 Tour. The German Hill Tour of Riverside Cemetery
2002 Tour. The Other Pioneers of Albion Tour
2003 Tour. The Flagholder Tour of Riverside Cemetery
2004 Tour. An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery, Part 3
2005 Tour. The Terrace View of Riverside Cemetery
2006 Tour. The Magnificent View Tour of Riverside Cemetery

Local Genealogical Research Resources

Atlases and Maps

1830s Plat Map of Calhoun County with Commentary
1858 Plat Map of Calhoun County
Jackson County 1874 Atlas Map
Key to 1866 Bird's Eye View of Albion
1873 Atlas of Calhoun County
1894 Atlas of Calhoun County
1906 Plat Map of Calhoun County
1916 Calhoun County Atlas

City Directories

Albion 1897 City Directory

Here are the descriptions for each item:


A 128-page pictorial book focusing on the 1950s and 1960s in Albion. This book is designed for the "baby boomer" generation which grew up during these special years when Albion was booming. "Growing Up in Albion" features over 240 photographs of people, places, and events, some of which were never published before. Many of the photographs come from original black and white negatives of the old Albion Evening Recorder newspaper. Chapter titles: Around Town; Businesses; Industries; Schools; Recreation and Sports. Read more about it here, with an index.

A 128-page pictorial published by Arcadia Publishing. This book features photographs from the personal archives of Albion Historian Frank Passic. “This is a people book, there are lots of group photographs of factory workers, officials, clubs, churches, and other organizations--all identified. Many family names will thus be represented in this book.” It has an index in Word format that you can have for free, available separately on the internet.

(1991). Hard cover, 263 pages. A comprehensive history of our local school system, plus the rural country schools that were annexed to the Albion system. Contains over 250 photographs. Every graduate of Albion High School and the Adult Education through 1991 is listed in this book, including YOURS if you graduated! Numerous topics and themes are covered in this book, including the elementary schools, athletics (over 30 pages), faculty, publications, activities, and much more. Must reading for anyone who attended the Albion Public Schools. $20 plus $7 p & h.

(1993). Founded in 1968, the Albion Civic [now Community] Foundation has funded numerous projects in the Albion area, which has enriched the lives of us all. Learn about its history, and read of some of the projects that it has funded. $7.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

(1998). This 27-page booklet contains the historical text researched and written by the author which was submitted to the State of Michigan for nominating Riverside Cemetery as a State Historic Site. Did you know that over 20,000 persons are buried here? Learn about the original land owners, how the cemetery came to be, and famous people buried here. $10.00 plus $2.50 p & h.

(1908, 1986 REPRINT). Soft-cover, 41 sketches. Includes name index by Frank Passic. Dr. Palmer grew up in Albion during the 1830s-1850s before he left for the Civil War. He kept a diary which he used when he published his memories of his boyhood days here in the Albion Mirror in 1908-09. Learn first-hand about the Albion Hermit, Jesse Crowell, Tenney Peabody, William V. Morrison, Augustus P. Gardner, and many other pioneers who settled at "The Forks" of the Kalamazoo River. This makes a great reference book on Albion's early history. $15 plus $3.50 p & h.

(1990 revised 3rd edition). Soft cover booklet, 8 pages. A great overview of our community's history. The cover depicts an 1869 map of Calhoun County. $1.50 plus 75¢ p & h.

Cemetery Tours

These tour booklets contain approximately 30-35 selected interment sites featured in this historian’s annual October tour of Albion's Riverside Cemetery. Learn of the famous, infamous, poor, rich, and interesting interments found here. Lots of "ordinary folks" have been featured in these tours. All portions of the Cemetery have been covered.

These tour programs have proved to be quite popular. Each contains a numbered map you can use to take the tour yourself. These especially make great inexpensive historical gifts.

Price for each tour booklet: $3.00 plus $2.00 p & h.

1994: Southern Section Tour
Covers the southern portion of the cemetery. Notable interments included James "Deacon" McGuire, Albion’s major league baseball player; Senator Warren G. Hooper who was murdered in 1945 and subject of the book "Three Bullets Sealed His Lips," and Warren S. Kessler, founder of the Albion Malleable Iron Company.

1995: Old Section Tour
Covers the old section of the cemetery featuring Albion's pioneers, and also the big Riverside Mausoleum. Find out about famous people who are buried in the "old grounds."

1996: An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery
An important tour featuring European immigrants, blacks, and other minorities. 13 pages. Excellent for researchers.

1997: An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery, Part 2
Due to the overwhelming response of the 1996 tour, we again stroll through the southern sections of the cemetery and focus on ethnic nationalities buried here. 18 pages. Anyone doing ethnic research about Albion needs copies of my 1996 and 1997 tours.

1998: A Central Tour of Riverside Cemetery
A walk through the "gully" and hilly area overlooking the Kalamazoo River millpond. Includes David Duncan, the Albion Hermit.

1999: A Musicians Tour of Riverside Cemetery
Many of the persons remembered on this tour either were musicians, taught music, sang music, or wrote music. Interesting theme.

2000: The Millennium Tour of Riverside Cemetery
Take this tour of the south end of Riverside Cemetery as we visit the graves of 30 different people whose interesting biographies are printed in this booklet. Includes Albion’s most distinguished citizen, the Hon. Washington Gardner who served in Congress, also as Michigan’s Secretary of State, and national Commander-in-Chief of the G.A.R; several members of the Wochholz family clan who were quite prominent here in the early 20th century; Edgar Steele, the father of Alfred Steele who was CEO of Pepsi Cola and married to movie star Joan Crawford; and Charles Quigg from the "old west," who rode shotgun on a stagecoach at age 16.

2001: German Hill Tour of Riverside Cemetery
The German Hill Tour of Riverside Cemetery. One of Albion's major historic ethnic groups are the Germans, and this special tour focuses on two dozen or so German families representative of the hundreds who settled here. Included in the tour program is a map showing the location of the little towns where many of our German families came from, and street listings showing where many German families settled in Albion.

2002: The Other Pioneers of Albion Tour of Riverside Cemetery
This tour focuses on other pioneers of Albion not covered in previous tours. The tour area is located in the vicinity of the "Old Grounds." Included are the parents of Ezra Cornell; Frederick Erhardt, Albion's pioneer undertaker; and the Levi Wild family after whom Wild St. is named. 33 stops.

2003: The Flagholder Tour of Riverside Cemetery
18 pages long! Learn about the symbols, markings, and meanings of the numerous flagholders placed next to graves by fraternal, masonic, insurance, military and other organizations. Lots of website references in this tour program, which is a reference source in itself!

2004: An Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery, Part 3
This continues the theme of the 1996 and 1997 tours. This tour took place in Section 129 in the far southeast corner of the cemetery. This Section contains burials segregated by race, religion, and age. An emphasis is given upon the African-American community which settled in Albion and are interred here. Of special interest is the complete listing by-number and name of every burial in the so-called “Colored” and “Eastern Orthodox” sections here. Those with tombstones are printed with bold print, while those without stones with regular print, meaning you’ll be able to determine the burial location of a person whether or not they have a tombstone. This tour booklet is worth that listing alone!

2005: The Terrace View of Riverside Cemetery
This tour covers the hilly section located to the left of the main entrance road, above the large letters "RIVERSIDE" on the side of the hill. We visited the gravesites of such persons as: The inventor of the commercial bread slicing machine; an "Orphan Train" child; an early settler of Spring Arbor whose writings helped inspire the Falling Waters Park there; the grandson of the famous 18th century clergyman Rev. Jonathan Edwards; and, yes, Martha Stuart. The event was sponsored by the Albion Public Schools.

2006: The Magnificent View Tour of Riverside Cemetery
This year’s tour features selected interments found on the hill which overlooks the Kalamazoo River parallel to M-99. Many of Albion’s Civil war soldiers are buried in this section of the cemetery. Of special interest will be a rare look inside the Munroe Mausoleum, built in 1876 by Dr. Stephen Munroe (1813-1890), who was instrumental in the development of the north end of Duck Lake. Also interred in the Mausoleum is the Doctor’s brother, James Monroe (1818-1899), who was Albion’s first industrialist, and who served as Mayor and Postmaster of Kalamazoo in the 1890s.

Resources for Albion Area Historical Research

Atlases and Maps

1830s Plat Map of Calhoun County with Commentary
Includes both the 1835-40 the 1844 maps. By Frank Passic (1997). Want to know who the original land owner of your property was, or how it looked in the map in the late 1830s? Well, this book is for you. Soft cover, 27 pages. Arranged alphabetically by township, with commentary, and a copy of the original hand-written maps. $10.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

1858 Plat Map of Calhoun County
Soft cover, 54 pages. Learn who owned property in each township, where the roads and other physical features were back then. Village maps of Albion, Homer, Battle Creek, Marshall, Marengo, Tekonsha, Ceresco, Partello, and yes, even Harmonia are included. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

Jackson County 1874 Atlas Map
Reprint of Map Portions (2004). Soft cover, comb binding. 8½ x 11” size, 41 pages. This is an excellent resource for those wishing to research “Albion area” people who lived “over the line” into Jackson County, particularly in Concord, Springport, and Parma Townships. All townships of Jackson County are included, showing the names and locations of landowners, as well as street maps of the cities and villages. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

Key to 1866 Bird's Eye View of Albion
By Frank Passic (1993 reprint). Soft cover, 52 pages. Want to find out who lived in your house in 1866? This book dissects Albion block by block, and house by house. It is highly illustrated, and makes an excellent reference source to accompany the actual art print. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

1873 Atlas of Calhoun County
2004 REPRINT Compiled by Frank Passic, Albion Historian. 8½ x 11 size, soft cover, comb bound. 66 pages. This atlas has plat maps of all the townships, street maps of the villages and cities, and originally was color-coded showing the rural country school boundaries. The compiler has traced the boundaries and placed them in the back of this atlas. Also found are business notices for merchants and farmers, U.S. Census statistics for the county and township for 1870, an "air distance" table showing the distance between communities in the county; and a listing of post offices. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

1894 Atlas of Calhoun County
(REPRINT). (2002, reprint compiled by Frank Passic, Albion Historian).This is the 8½ x 11" size map section version of the huge 1894 Atlas of Calhoun County. It is 40 pages long and contains only the plat maps of each township, and the maps of the villages and cities found in the original book. This is a "user-friendly" version for historians and genealogists who want to take this resource with them or place on their library shelf for handy reference. $15.00 plus $3.50 postage and handling.

1906 Plat Map of Calhoun County
Soft cover, 24 pages. (1995 reprint). This relatively unknown map shows the owners of land in all of the townships of our county. A great reference source for turn-of-the-century researchers. $10.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

1916 Calhoun County Atlas
REPRINT of Map Portions (2004). Soft cover, comb binding, 8½ x 11 size. 62 pages. This was the last of the trilogy of big bound atlases of Calhoun County (1873, 1894, 1916). This plat map atlas is an excellent resource of the early 20th century! All the railroads are there, including the interurban tracks. Two years later the abandonment of many railroads began. This atlas also shows the Rural Free Delivery mail routes the carrier took each day! There are plat maps of each township showing the land owners and various features, and street maps of the communities. This atlas also gives the business names of the farms on the plat maps in addition to the owners, such as “Oak Grove Farm,” etc. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

City Directories

1869 Albion Village Directory
By E. G. Rust. REPRINT. Soft cover, 33 pages. Includes early history written by Alvin Billings, and a reverse street directory by Frank Passic. Excellent early reference source. $10.00 plus $2.00 p & h.

Albion 1897 City Directory
REPRINT; with Numerical Street Directory by Frank Passic (2003). Soft cover comb binding, 8½ x 11” size, 50 pages. This city directory was printed just prior to the massive immigration of persons from Europe which occurred in the early 1900s. Included are names of streets and their locations, the normal name/occupation directory, and a classified business directory. At the end is a special street directory prepared by Frank Passic showing who lived at each address by street. $15.00 plus $3.50 p & h.

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