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You Can't Miss It

It's Right Downtown.
Albion Michigan.

Need a Map?

Who is having the most fun?
Father and son
Putting things together.

Parents find out kids
know computer skills.

Kids discover new activities.

Big Car

Get an Overview
Get a different
on things.
Play checkers
like you
never have before.

Big checkers
Get in the flow of life.
Water channels

Toddler room
Relax and Relate.
Find a Fossil.
Uncovering Treasures.

Race Tracks
Every boy's dream.
Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Be a Star

Your own dressing room.
Try on a new personality.
See what it's like to shop,
and to check out shoppers.

Bring Home the Bacon

Climb to new levels
Become a part of the scenery.
These aren't your father's
Lincoln Logs.

Build a Home

Lots to do!
Look around and
do something new.

Open to the Public

Hours change
with the season
Check here

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Kids 'N Stuff
301 S. Superior St.
Albion. MI 49224

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