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    Healthy Fitness and Eating Program For Optimal Fitness

    I love the page you are doing and have referred many people to it. My name is Charles "Wsir" Johnson and in 1995 I wrote a book called "Weight Loss for African Americans, through cultural lifestyle change". In the book, one of the main points was to show how to use kwanzaa and it's principles to maintain a healthy fitness and eating program for optimal fitness. How to apply The Ngusa Saba everyday. The book is availible at Seymour-Smith publishers in Tennessee (A black publisher). The ISBN # is 0-9624889-4-1. I'm a personal trainer in California and this book shows how one can be impacted by African American culture and principles regardless of your occupation.
    Thank-you and in good health
    Charles "Wsir" Johnson Wsir@Garnet.Berkeley.Edu

Sweet Potato Recipe?

    I visited your Kwanzaa Web Site. I am currently developing a publication entitled "The Joy of Cooking With Sweet Potatoes" and want to include a write-up for Kwanzaa. To accompany the write-up, I would need an authentic African recipe. I have determined that the "cookies" section of the book would be the best place for this. Therefore, I need an African cookies recipe such as "Yam Benne Cakes." Do you have a Benne Cake recipe?