Cook, Eat and Make Albion Beautiful

Citizens to Beautify Albion will present the 18th annual Men Who Cook from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 18th at Tenant Hall, First United Methodist Church, 600 E. Michigan Ave., Albion. Proceeds from this event will be used to plant flowers along Business Loop I-94 and Austin Avenue for the summer of 2003.

Once again the menu will include the culinary creations of Albion area men, including vegetarian lasagna, chili, venison steaks, cornbread, zucchini, collard greens and apple pie. (and lots more!!) There's still time for volunteer cooks to register.

Tickets are $6 adults, $3 children under 10 and are available at Seelye's Men's Store, Parks Drugg Store, Young's Apparel and the Albion Volunteer Center. Call (517) 629-2699 for details.

Men Who Cook

Albion Michigan Feb. 16, 2003

Held the 3rd Sunday in February each year

Proceeds to Benefit

Citizens to Beautify Albion



The first sight you see when you arrive at the Annual Men Who Cook dinner is the number of people waiting in line to get all of the good food.


Another reason people are so eager to come to this event is to see the unusual sight of Men Cooking.

 One of the first people you will see is Elverta Weatherford. She and her husband were the visionaries who began the "Citizens to Beautiful Albion."

Here Elverta and her daughter hand out the plates and silverware to each guest.

This organization is responsible for the flower plantings all along the main routes in the city of Albion. Volunteers team up each spring to plant the flowers and they are also maintained throughout the summer.

Visitors to Albion are impressed by the cheerful and healthy blossoms along Michigan Avenue, Austin Avenue and Eaton Street, to name a few of the roads that have benefitted by this "grassroots"

The Citizen's to Beautify Albion annual planting is held the Saturday after Mother's Day each year. Date for 2001 is May 19. Volunteers are to meet at 703 W. Erie at 9 a.m. to receive planting materials and instructions. At noon, the volunteers meet at Victory Park for a picnic celebration. Click here for more information on how you can help. This is a fun family event and a great way to show your kids the importance of giving back to your community.




Richard Weatherford of Albion, a former Tuskegee Airman, is the man who first thought of the plan to plant flowers along Albion's main roads. Although he is semi-retired, he still takes many hours every summer and drives an old refurbished firetruck along Albion's flower lined streets to be sure that the flowers are well watered and fresh looking throughout the season. 
It is hard to guess how many hundreds of people were served at this wonderful community event. One can't help but notice the diversity, and the unity, that is present at this day, as much as any day in Albion. It is reminicent of the Festival of the Forks, when so many people come together to celebrate our community.





Another crowd shot shows the line wrapping around the room at Tenant Hall, of the First Methodist Church for the biggest feast of the Albion year. This events raises thousands of dollars that help to purchase the hundreads of flats of petunias that are planted in Albion each spring.

This is where you see your friends, your associates, people who you know but aren't quite sure of their name. However, everyone here is family, because they are all supporting the cause, and eating well together. Everyone you see has a smile for you, and welcomes you to this event.

 Here the Mayor, Bill Wheaton, serves his specialty to unsuspecting guests, while college professors look on appreciatively.


Mayor Wheaton is also featured on the Sister City web page. Albion's sister city in France, is Noisy-le-Roi, and we were honored to have that city's mayor as our guest for the Festival of the Forks.


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 Another of Albion's leaders, City Manager Mike Herman, is enjoying seeing all of the people at this festive event. Although the weather outside was chilly, inside it was warm and hospitable.
Michelle Mueller, Director of the Albion Community Foundation, and Barbara Gladney, Pastor of Missionary Outreach church exemplify the feelings of brotherhood (or sisterhood) on this special day. The people of Albion realize how lucky we are to have the opportunity to get to know others who might be a little different than ourselves. Because of the size of Albion, (about 10,000 people) we are able to get to know each other pretty well.


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The Chili Cook-off! Only a few miles can be a big difference!
But they do have fun!

 How can you help the Citizen's to Beautify Albion

with the flower planting along Albion's major streets?


Call for more information

Richard Weatherford 629-5143

Albion Volunteer Service Organization


or send donations to:

Citizen's to Beautify Albion

c/o Albion Volunteer Service Organization

203 S. Superior Atreet

Albion MI 49224

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