6th Annual   
Albion Michigan  

Black Family Reunion 
a Celebration of Family, Community, and History

August 6-11,2001

Community Response
The Albion Black Family Reunion

It is really exciting to see what's happening in terms of the work that
is being done to advance the cause of African-Americans in Albion.  It's
even more important because it is being done in the context of getting
the community more involved.

Dr. Daniel Boggan
NCAA Chief Operations Officer
Reunion Co-Founder and Visionary Leader

The meaning behind the Black Family Reunion is to celebrate the
achievements of the
Albion African-American Community and to
 establish rituals and activities to celebrate
 Albion's Black Family.

Harry J. Bonner, Sr.,
Executive Director
Minority Program Services

This event is great  because if gives us young people an opportunity to
learn more about the rich history of the Albion African-American

Kendra Brown,
Youth Leader
Minority Program Services

The Albion Black Family Reunion allowed me to learn more about my
African-American culture and helps me to reconnect all generations.

Greg Brown
Youth Leader
Minority Program Services

A Program of Minority Program Services Black Family Institute

For more information on the Albion Black Family Reunion

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Minority Program Services

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Albion, MI 49224

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