6th Annual   
Albion Michigan  

Black Family Reunion 
a Celebration of Family, Community, and History

August 8-15,1998

The legacies that parents, members of the church, and teachers leave to
Black children is crucial to their development and survival in modern
day America and the world.  For too many children, supportive communities
and supportive families represent images that they cannot comprehend because
they have never been part of their ethnic group.

The Black Family Reunion Celebration (BFRC) was established by Dr.
Dorothy I. Height, president of the National Council of Negro Women, as
an effort to respond to the crisis facing our communities.  This event
honors Black heritage and culture, and sets the stage for the
traditional transfer of knowledge and the revitalization of the Black
Community Spirit.

Through issue forums, information, and entertainment workshops, the BFRC
ìaims to unify the community for constructive action in the fact of
national concerns imaging the Black Family in education, drug abuse,
teen pregnancy, health care and employability.

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