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Albion Community Mural Project “Crossing the River”

New!"Legend of the Mural" brochure! (440k pdf file)
New!See photos of the mural creation, the painters, the installation and the party.

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Panel 7 of the mural

The Legend of the Mural.  Detail of Panel 7 – Fall.  These items are depicted in the seventh panel of the mural “Crossing the River” that is located in the Citizens Bank drive-thru.  Walking the dog on the River Trail. Downtown Albion.  The Bohm Theatre and the Volunteer Center -  AVSO 5K run.  Meeting friends at the Festival of the Forks.  International flags on Superior Street.  The mural itself is on the wall of Illusions Hair Design in the drive thru alley of Citizens Bank.  Parks Drug Store and Cascarelli’s are on the right.  The luminaries by the Forks, (Usually the Friday night before the Festival,) and the bridge between Rieger Park and Victory Park.  The Boy Scout canoe Race.  Raking leaves for “Make a Difference Day”. A couple sits on the bench in the park overlooking the Forks of the Kalamazoo River, and the entire mural.

Bank then
Bank Drive-thru before
bank now
Bank Drive thru after

Here is the complete mural art. (click on the image again to see a larger version.)
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New! Click here to see the Legend of the Mural pdf brochure.

Photos of the Mural Creation.
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A quicktime video of the first work session is available at:

The Albion activities, groups and landmarks listed below are featured in the design, and these groups are especially encouraged to attend the celebration and unveiling to show support for Albion.  They are listed in order of their appearance in the mural:

The Albion sledding hill, and the Cardboard Classic Race
Black Squirrels throughout the seasons
Walk for Warmth
Albion Train Depot, Albion College Equestrian Center
The Observatory Goodrich Chapel
Cross Country Runners, Coca Cola Sign
Farming , Kids ‘N’ Stuff
Citizens to Beautify Albion
Albion District Library, Victory for Kids playground
T-Ball birthplace, Ice Cream in Albion
The River Walk
Canoeing in the Kalamazoo
Gardner House Museum
The new Boat Launch
Fireworks in Albion
Fishing, Kite Flying, Skateboarding
Albion Post Office
A-Maizing Corn Festival
Albion High School, Football
Frisbee, biking, hiking
Washington Gardner Middle School and Elementary School
The waterfall, soccer, fishing
Festival of the Forks, 5K Run, luminaries,
Canoe race, downtown buildings including

The Bohm, AVSO, Citizens Bank, Illusions, Parks Drugs, Cascarelli’s
Learn More about the Purple Gang (800k pdf from DDA) that is mentioned in the Mural Brochure.

This 56 foot long mural was designed by Maggie LaNoue, who also wrote the grant and oversaw the project. A master mural artist, Tony Hendrick, of Grand Ledge wasa hired to lead the youth in painting the mural. Tony got special paints including uncoating which allowed us to blend colors, and an epoxy overcoating so that just in case there was vandalism over the mural, it could be removed.

Maggie's son Charlie LaNoue also helped with the project by transferring Maggie's design onto the 4' x 8" panels. Maggie arranged the placement of the mural on the Citizens Bank drivethru, in the heart of Albion. She also arranged the mural unveiling ceremony. Maggie hired two graffiti artists to paint an invitation to the unveiling on the 56 foot long mural. We received official permission to do this graffiti on the cover, and informed the police.

At that time, Albion had a graffiti problem which was growing. The graffiti artists chose to work at dusk, and we had spotlights and got special "ball cap" covers for the spray paint to make them like air brushes. The painting of the graffiti attracted a large crowd of Albion youth with their bikes, and ball caps. After the unveiling, the covering was given to the graffiti artists as a sample of their work.

An unexpected consequence of the mural and the graffiti cover was the disappearance of other graffiti from Albion. The existing non approved graffiti was removed and in the 5 years since that time there has not been any more graffiti in Albion. This was not planned, but we thought perhaps it was a matter of inclusiveness, since Albion youth helped to paint the mural itself, and also were included in the unveiling with the graffiti art.

AIC The Albion Community Mural Project is a part of the Calhoun County Public Art Program and is supported by the Arts & Industry Council & the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The First Presbyterian Church of Albion was the recipient of the grant, and managed the project with help from local artist Maggie LaNoue, and professional muralist Tony Hendrick.
More information about Albion Community Mural project at:

For more information about the grant visit the Arts and Industry Council web site:

For more information about Albion Michigan visit