October 26, 2002

Albion Michigan

Make A Difference Day 2002 was a success.

Albion Volunteer Service Organization estimates 400 youth and 60 adults participated in this year’s project activities.

Albion College volunteers-Pumpkin Painting/helping at the AVSO

Youth learning flag activities

Crowell Schools Health fair alone offered 228 youth and 40 adults with the opportunity to gain knowledge to have a healthy start in life.

Leaves were raked at Johnson Day Care, Albion Public Library, and Albion Historic Museum and around Albion.

Starr Commonwealth after raking Johnson's Daycare

Volunteers helped Citizens to Beautify Albion clean flowerbeds by “Pulling the Petunias”.

Caldwell Elementary delivered cards and Cookies to Maple Grove by the 5th grade leadership program.

Starr Commonwealth assisted Albion Public Library by re-arranging books in the library.

Michigan Youth Challenge Academy-helped plant bulbs around railroad station & clean victory park

Troop 172 Boy Scout troop teach "Disrespect & respecting" the American flag

Michigan Youth Challenge Academy made a difference in Albion by cleaning up Victory Park and planting bulbs near the Railroad station.

Robert displaying pumpkins

Jadzia coloring

Albion VolunTEENS made pumpkin vases for the elderly residents at Albion Manor. They gathered the pumpkins and carved them out. They syupervised the children, who painted faces on the pumpkins. They filled the pumpkins with flowers, and brought them over to Albion Manor.

Participants: Albion Volunteer Service Organization, VolunTEENS, Albion College, Boy Scout Troop 172,Girl Scouts Troop under leadership of Teresa Daniels and 1st-4th graders from Albion Public Schools painted pumpkins for Maple Grove, Albion Care Center and Albion Public Library, while they learned how to display and respect the American flag.

Donisha modeling flowers put into pumpkin vases, which were given to Albion Public Library, Albion Care Center, & Maple Grove

Teen displaying their new VolunTEEN logo

Albion and Albion Volunteer Service Organization
thanks all the volunteers who Made a Difference during this successful service day.


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