AVSO's 3rd Annual Black Squirrel Dinner
Looking for Celebrity Waiters
April 11, 2003

We are inviting you to participate as a Celebrity Waiter in our upcoming “Celebrity Dinner,” at Upper Baldwin Hall on the Albion College campus, on Saturday evening, April 11, 2003. A select group of individuals from our area is being asked to come together for this memorable evening to raise funds for the Albion Volunteer Service Organization, and to have a great time together.

There will be a pre-dinner immediately before the event for the Celebrity waiters, followed by a social hour and dinner for guests. At the event we will serve a gourmet dinner to eight of your most generous friends and work associates whom you choose to invite. The dinner will be catered and supported by the Albion College’s Baldwin Hall staff, so culinary skills – and even serving skills – are not a prerequisite. You will be asked, however, to decorate your table and be creative as a waiter---whatever it takes to enjoy yourself and to encourage tips, which will benefit the work of AVSO. The top tip-collecting Celebrity Waiter will receive the coveted “Tip Top Squirrel Award” at the end of the evening.


The guest of honor at the upcoming banquet

Here is a description of last year's Black Squirrel Banquet

AVSO's Second Annual
Honorable Black Squirrel Dinner

On Saturday, April 13, upper Baldwin Hall on the Albion College campus was the site for the Honorable Black Squirrel Dinner. The room was filled with guests and their Celebrity Waiters who provided laughter, lots of fun, and a little mayhem. The waiter's themes, centerpieces, costumes, and antics provided an eclectic array of humorous incidents, ranging from the amusing to the almost bizarre.

The evening flowed well with the assistance and creative lead of Ray Campbell, Master of Ceremonies. Those in attendance were able to leave formality behind, and be creative in stretching beyond their normal limits of dignity and status to make dinner guests feel comfortable.

Throughout the evening, Campbell challenged guests to rise to the occasion and spend their "squirrely" money on tips, tips, and more tips. Our thanks go out to waiters Robert Armstrong, Jeff Bell, Ken Blight, Miriam Daly, L.J. McKeown, Michelle Mueller, Gleniane Reid, Janice Shedd, John Shedd, Cristobal Solis, Judy Tymowicz, Jim Whitehouse, and Eddie Williams who did an exceptional job!

This year's "Tip-Top Squirrel Award," for the top tip collector, was John and Jan Shedd. The duo did a great job in collecting tips and making it a fun time for their guests. Jeff Bell was the reigning top tip collector of this distinguished award.

A big thank you to our donors for the evening and those who were unable to attend, but yet donated for the cause: Albion Motors Ford-Mercury Inc., Mrs. Robert Armstrong, Auto Zone, Dale & Christy Bannister, Brick Alley Country Store & Gallery, Bob Frahm Chevrolet, Mark Calcatera, Detroit Lions, Wesley & Leslie Dick, Mark & Virginia Garrison, Carol Hansen, George Hawkins, David & Pat Hogberg, Shelagh Holmes, Tom Hunsdorfer, Kellogg Cereal City, Richard Meyer, Meijer, Mitchell Mueller, David & Connie Peltier, Rudy & Rene Ramos, Eva Rottenbiller in memory of Henry, Nancy Rousch, Sam's Club/Wal-Mart, Target Stores, Neil Starkey, Tony & Jean Taffs, John & Donna Williams, and Jon & Cheryl Zick.

We extend special thanks to the committee that planned the event, Chairperson, Judy McGuigan, and members Shelagh Holmes, Earlene Johnson, Helen Jones, Renee Powaga, Judy Tymowicz, and Alfredia Dysart-Drake. A group who worked diligently for many weeks in putting together such an enjoyable evening.

Overall, the dinner was a great success, not only as a fundraiser, but also as an Albion event that provided an evening of fun and laughter. People are already looking forward to participating and attending again next year. On behalf of AVSO we say thank you to the community, and we would welcome your participation too, as a waiter or a guest!



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