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Free computer and software training is available to all Albion community
residents through Albion College.

More than 500 Albion College students "make a difference" in the Albion
community by mentoring area youth, helping in schools, recreational
programs, service organizations and city beautification projects.

Albion College help Albion High School students prepare for college by
offering courses at no charge.

Albion College officals have worked closely with community leaders to help
provide quality healthcare to Albion.

The Mudd computer lab is freely available to the community.

The Albion community is benefiting from a $1 million Gerstacker Grant
secured by the college to assist with Smart Community projects like the
Technology Incubator, "Smart Centers", Kids 'N Stuff and other worthy

Albion College employs more than 500 people in the Albion area, paying over
$14 million in salaries to area residents.

The community is invited to attend all public campus activities like
sporting events, music concerts, theatrical productions and art exhibits.
Albion attracts nationally known speakers such as Rubin "Huricane" Carter,
Steven J. Gould, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.and Kurt Vonnegut.

Albion College provides the City of Albion with more than $3 million in
revenue annually by patronizing local businesses.



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