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Plans are for the Family Health Center of Albion to be open for business by early January, if not sooner. The Center will be open primarily during regular daytime hours, either 8-5, or 9-6. A physician has already been signed on, but nurses, a receptionist and some other positions are still in the process of being filled. For information on positions available, where to submit resumes/C.V.s, etc. contact the Family Health Center of Battle Creek. *(See listings at end of story).

The Family Health Center of Albion was developed on a fast track after the closing of Trillium Hospital in early 2002. Its purpose will be to provide quality health care to people in the greater Albion area who are uninsured, under insured, and insured. It is not a free clinic. Patient Advocates will be available to meet in a confidential setting with patients to discuss arrangements for reasonable payments options.
Because the Center is new, some insurance providers may be reluctant to cover services. Once the Family Health Center of Albion opens a telephone number will be available for those with insurance to call with questions about the status of their insurance coverage.

While the Center will handle minor medical emergencies such as bee stings, small lacerations, etc., it is not an emergency room. More information on the Family Health Center of Albion will be forthcoming.

Applications for a pair of positions at Albion's soon to be in place Family Health Center are still available. The first position is as a receptionist. Previous medical experience is helpful. Computer skills are desirable, as are excellent communication skills. A positive attitude and ability to work with the public are also needed.

The second position is for an RN or LPN. Professional with positive attitude and exceptional work ethic. Ambulatory care experience preferred. Competitive wages and benefits.

Send cover letters and resumes to Family Health Center of Battle Creek, 181 W. Emmett St., Battle Creek, MI 49017.  For more information call (269) 966-2600.


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