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DEC. 7, 2002

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Photos by Maggie LaNoue

This door on the north side of the building is the main entrance to the Health Center currently. You can see the generator by the door that is the main source of power currently. Watch that first step on the way in if you go now.

Here is the lobby, and the main desk. Note the double doors behind the desk. We'll see those later from the other side. The drywall appears to be completed at this point, and the underlayment for the floor is also totally installed. Doors have been installed. Perhaps the doors and drywalling was already installed before the units were put into place, but we didn't see any seams.


This large room is directly behind the double doors in the lobby area. This photo does not really show the scale of this room, but it is quite large.


More interior photos here.

To see a photographic essay of the groundbreaking of the Albion Health Center, see the three page web site at


See the Modular Units roll into town, Nov. 20, 2002.


See the 8 modular units being set into place.



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