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Albion Plans Neighborhood Watch
City-Wide Picnic August 17, 2002

The Albion Neighborhood Watch Picnic has been scheduled for Satuday, Aug. 17. Come at noon, but plan to start eating around 12:30 p.m. This annual event will be held at the Victory Park pavilion in Albion.

Entertainment will include numerous acts, including a live band, (above) Bittersweet, (Gary Watkins), dancers from Grace Temple, and much more.

Another feature of the event will be the caped crime fighter Captain Jackson with his cohorts Queen of Hearts and Crime Fighter Girl. Chief of Police L.J. McCowen and Mayor Bill Wheaton will be on duty as "chefs." Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided, as well as beverages. However, guests are asked to bring their own table service and a dish to pass.

There will be a raffle, of prizes donated by local merchants. For more information or to support the event, call Terry Sweeter at 517-629-9018 or Lt. Gerald McQueen of the Albion Public Safety at 629-3934.

The following Neighborhood Watch groups are active in Albion:
  • Pine Street Area Neighborhood Watch
  • South Eastern Neighborhood Watch
  • Monroe Street Neighborhood Watch
  • West Center Neighborhood Watch
  • North East Neighborhood Association
  • North View Homes Neighborhood Watch
  • "Northern Watch" Neighborhood Watch

  • The Neighborhood Watch Flag of Albion (pictured at top) was recently recognized as being the first Neighborhood Watch Flag in Michigan.

    Find out more about the Neighborhood Watch Flag, and the Unity and Diversity Banners that grace Albion in the Fall.

    Visit the Last Year's Neighborhood Watch Picnic Photo Essay.

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