Round Barn

A print series by Maggie LaNoue

"I am tired of this barn!" said the colt.
"and every day it snows.
Outside there's no grass any more
And icicles grow on my nose..."
"Hush, little colt," said the mare
"And a story I will tell
Of a barn like this one of ours
And the wonders that there befell
It was weather much like this,
And the beasts stood as we stand now
In the warm good dark of the barn--
A horse and an ass and a cow."

"A sheep?" asked the colt. "Yes, sheep,
And a pig and a goat and a hen,
All of the beasts of the barnyard,
The usual servants of men.
And into their midst came a lady
And she was cold as death,
But the animals leaned above her
And made her warm with their breath.
There was her baby born
And laid to sleep in the hay,
While music flooded the rafters
And the barn was as light as day...

The Barn by Elizabeth Coatsworth (1893 - ?)

Round Barn - print #25

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Each print is:

  • 9" x 12"
  • Hand-signed by artist Maggie LaNoue
  • Ready for matting and framing
  • Quality guaranteed
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