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Here is a note we got about the areas that need updating.

"Several areas of this web page have inaccurate information. 
First thing that jumped out at me was under the athletic portion of this page. 
It states in the first sentence that Albion is a class B school and a member of the Twin Valley Athletic Conference. 
We have been a class C school for some time now and have been in the Tri-River Athletic Conference for over two years. 
The Twin Valley Athletic Conference is no longer around. 
Just a heads up for whoever keeps this page updated.  Thanks...."

When we receive better information, we will post it!

Albion Senior High School is a member of the Twin Valley Athletic Association, a Class B League consisting of eight schools. In addition, Albion competes in the eight member Southwestern Michigan Swim League. Students of Albion Senior High are offered a wide variety of varsity sports, which include football, baseball, softball, wrestling for boys, and volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, golf, cross-country, soccer, swimming for both boys and girls and cheerleading.

Middle School students are also offered an athletic program consisting of boys' and girls' basketball, girls' volleyball, boys' and girls track and boys' wrestling.

Elementary students are provided athletics through an intramural program of the city Recreation Department.

A swim program is available beginning at age 5 through Community Education. Rocket Football is offered beginning in grade 7.

A soccer program is also available for younger students through the American Youth Soccer Organization.

Our athletic facilities are among the finest in Southwestern Michigan and include an all weather eight lane color track, crowned and sodded football field, aquatic center, tennis courts, and baseball, softball and soccer fields.

An active booster club was responsible for the construction of a combination ticket booth and concession stand that completes the athletic complex.

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