Summer Camp June 20-July 6, 2002


Here the members of Albion Boy Scout Troop #172
take a moment to display some of their projects from the week at Camp Tamarack.



  This is the entrance to Camp Tamarack. The shade was most welcome this week, because the temperature, according to an informed source, was 106 degrees in the shade.

The camp area was quickly set up with separate eating and sleeping quarters. The newer members gained helpful advice from seasoned veterans.


  There was time for some sporting activities, such as baseball.

Even in the warm weather, a camp fire was a welcome diversion and provided a spot for comradery and reflection.  



The scouts had tents for sleeping, and resting, and worked hard to keep the area as nice as they found it.


One of the favorite spots was the troop eating headquarters. Here the scouts had some of their meals, and had a shady spot to sit and work on some of the activities.  



The tents were of varying sizes, according to the number and size of the residents.

There were some raccoon visitors as well.

Another view of the camp site.  



The scouts constructed this pole structure as a test of their knot tying skills, as well as a symbol of pride, in our country, our state, and the troop.


This structure was set aside not too near the tents. Perhaps it is a well. Details will be posted when known.




  Here the scouts work on their merit badges and take a rest in the shade.

The trailer provided a good means of transporting all of the troops equipment . The heat of the day affected everyone.



  The cooking equipment of the troop can be seen in this view, as well as more of the studious activity of the scouts.


The dinners were served in the main "Mess Hall."

The family resemblance of some present may be noted.



  Eating inside was a cause for much happiness for certain individuals.


Opening ceremonies for each day involved the raising of the American flag.  



It was an honor to be chosen to participate in the raising of the flag.


Other group activities included competitions for fire building, wood cutting, knot tying, shooting and more.




The favorite time of day was the fine dinners served at Camp Tamarack. All of the activities and fresh air increased the appetitites of the happy campers.



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