Camp Tamarack



 We are still waiting for some photos.

Check back later for that. But check out the other great information.


See the award the scouts won for their presentation of the original melody and lyrics:

"We are the Killer Racoons!"

This song receiv ed the loudest applause at a competition at closing cermonies involving the entire camp. Two scouts were chosen to lower and raise the flag on the last day of camp.


Also each scout in the troop won a free Camp Tamarak T-shirt for winning a camp inspection.

Our scouts earned a total of 23 merit badges, including one eagle required merit badge. We also got two partial merit badges and two rank advancements.


We wish to thank Bob Sprouse for staying at camp all week.


Two adults participated in a "skeet shoot". (clay pigeons--round disks)

The scoutmaster- Mike Bearman, came in with the high score for the summer. Comments of "luck" were heard.



  You need a lot of things for camp and you have to carry them all. Here's a list of things to bring.



We had a great time at Camp Tamarack last summer.


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