Family Camp Weekend

White River Canoe Trip and Rafting

Troop 172 Albion Michigan

July 21-23, 2000

   The scouts made a cheery fire and cooked for the families this weekend.
   We enjoyed wonderful weather and even chlly evenings this weekend.


  Here are the boys that attended this weekend.

From left to right: Michael, Matt, Mikey, Charlie, Alex, Steven and Tim.

  Most families had trailers for comfortable camping. Others made do with borrowed tents. All had fun.

     Packing a lunch for the canoe trip was a joint effort.
  A hearty breakfast was prepared before the day's expedition..
      The campfire was always a welcome part of the adventure.
   We went to the canoe rental place nearby where we found ways to amuse ourselves while we waited for our turn to go.

    Some of the parents and scouts decided to go rafting.
 Here we are gathering our resources before setting off.

    This is the White River where we began our 20 mile trip.
 One last gathering before we left for the unknown.

   We did have to wait a bit more.
    and more.

 Here we have to launch our own canoes. They were heavy.


  At last we are on the White River!

Watch out for those rapids!

    and falling trees!
     In the evening we told tall tales and rested from our trip.



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