Boy Scouts Albion Michigan Troop 172

Minutes from the meeting of February 19, 2002


Present: Bob Sprouse, Mike Bearman, Dana Anderla, John Harden, Dean Claugherty, John Geyer, Jerry Hawkes, Maggie LaNoue (secretary.)


April 2, Campfire at Bearmans' during Spring Break. French kids will attend and this event will help with Citizenship of the world badge.
April 6 -(new date) Ray Dodd. Overnight. Meet at church at 6:30. Sleep over. Don't have to bring food, except a snack if desired. Events include: basketball, running, swimming. Bring swimsuit, running shoes. Competition will be indoors.
April 9, next board of review. Get requirements finished for all badges underway!
April 12,13,14 practice for the Camporee @ Bearman's
April 16 (Tuesday) 7- next parent's meeting- and Court of Honor?
April 26.27.28 --Camporee- leaving Friday @ 5. get there at 4:30. Meetin @ the church. will be at Swain's lake Campground. Will be 8 competitions, including First Aid, Pioneering, orienteering, lashings. Parents needed for this event.
June 30-July 6. summer Camp. Great chance to work on merit badges. Camperships are available. Applications will be available soon. Location: Camp Tamorak, in Jones, Michigan. Scouts wear dress uniform for dinner each night. parents are needed for this event. Doesn't have to be the whole week. Cost $135 each.
Troop pays for adults who can go and help. No events yet for May or June. Kids want to go canoeing in Hell Michigan. Big 2 day canoe trip, 4-5 hours each day.
August 3, tentative date for family camp weekend. White River by Muskegon. possibly
August 17 second choice of dates. August 23 (probably or maybe the 31st) Civil War Muster Other possible events: Tiger Stadium for a game. Jan 21, 2003, MLK weekend. Annapolis "Merit Badge day." Was mentioned in Boy's Life. Need to earn the money for the trip. 12 hours each way.

New Committee Chairman will be John Geyer. Affiliated with St. Paul's church. Treasurer Dana Anderla reported current funds at $2,192.69. Includes $414.85 that belong to scouts from fundraising. Can be used for camp, equipment like tents, etc. Made $100 from fruit sale, $202 from popcorn.

John Harden is working on getting scouts in the news to generate interest and more youth involvement. He showed several articles. These may be shown on the web site in the future. One article showed a donation from Dick Dobbins for $1000 for Albion Scouts. Should be getting another $1,000 from Consumer's Energy.

Also, the $26 annual dues per scout are due. Please bring in your check payable to "Troop #172" to the next meeting.

Other adult help in the future has been offered by Monroe Grimes, who does maintenance work at Lincolnshire. Sandy Montell from St. Paul's might be able to help with First Aid. Needed so some scouts can move up in rank at next Board of Review. Mike Bearman will contact her or Cheryl Krause in time to make this possible.

God & Country award is finishing up. Five from our troop will get the award. Charlie, Mikey, Alex, Tim and Matt. Scouts need to keep track of community service in their own notebook to receive the award and for other rank advancements. Environmental science requirements may be met in Mrs. Harden's class. Has been about 10-15 years since any Albion Scout received this award. Eagle awards are coming up. Probably 2 per year for the next 3 years.

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