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Parents' Meeting August 20, 2002
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Adults present: John Geyer, Committee Chairman; Mike Bearman, Scoutmaster; Laura Claugherty, Treasurer; Maggie LaNoue, Secretary; also Dean Claugherty, Dave Peltier, John Hardin

The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance, and greetings by Committee Chairman. Following was a brief discussion of the new fly fishing merit badge. The new treasurer, Laura Claugherty will take over duties for Dana Anderla, whose years of service were noted with gratitude.

Terry Anderla, former Scoutmaster, meanwhile, has badges and sheets for upcoming scout awards. Approximately 45-50 total awards will be given out at the next Court of Honor. We will deliver the badges in advance so that the scouts can wear them on their sashes for the upcoming Court of Honor. Prepare to do some sewing! Some of our scouts will have enough merit badges to earn Silver Palm award (above Eagle) immediately after earning Eagle Rank.

Things “To Do”

• Scoutmaster-- Line up mentors for each Life rank scout. Some will be Albion College students. Work with Committee Chairman to have a printed agenda for meetings to expedite. Contact Albion Volunteer Service Organization regarding Veteran’s Day flag raising ceremony. Scouts may be raising the flag at the first football game this year. Need to arrange.

• Committee Chairman-- Head parent’s meetings and work with Scoutmaster to develop agenda for meetings to expedite. A mailing list needs to be developed so all scouts/parents receive a postcard announcing parent’s meetings, and a copy of minutes. Make copies and line up scouts to do the mailings.

• Treasurer- have balance, and budget prepared. Get stamps for mailings.

• Secretary needs to make a notebook of all minutes. Add to packing list online: dress uniforms. Work on displays or scrapbook for scout photos.

• Need person to chair fundraising drives. Candy bars, and popcorn. maybe others. Fundraisers have to be done as a group. Candy bar sales can be done at football games, in college dorms, at the Festival of the Forks, bowling alleys, in schools at meetings, lunch hour at end of food lane, football games, etc. Possibly work with Kiwanas, Lions, Rotary, festival of the forks canoe race, etc. Candy should be ready 1st day of school to beat other fund raisers. Dave Peltier is inquiring of candy source.

• Need a person to chair recruitment efforts.

• Need a person to update Excel mailing list to show scouts and parents names, phone numbers, addresses and emails. Make labels so scouts can do mailings.

• Mikey needs to ask Terry Anderla about making wreaths the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

• Nick needs to call people to invite them to Court of Honor dessert potluck.

Schedule for 2002-2003

Friday, August 23 - Meet at the church at 5:00 for the Civil War muster. Bring Class A uniform. Scouts will help to park cars and other duties so they will get free admission and food. (Later postponed due to rain)

Tuesday August 27, 6:30 -- Canoe practice on the river. Meet in front of cemetery, by the far side drive. Dave Peltier will oversee.

Sunday September 1 - 7 p.m. -- Parents meeting to discuss fundraiser. Scouts have a trip planned to Annapolis MD for Merit Badge day. See more info below. Trip will cost $300 per scout. They will earn the funds if they participate.

Tuesday September 3, 6:30 -- Canoe practice on the river. Meet in Barnes Park, will practice getting into the river the same way it will be for the race. Dave Peltier will oversee. Boys will all have to portage except one who has not had enough experience.

Thursday, September 5 - 5:30 - At Albion Middle School - 6th grade Open House scout recruiting table. Current scouts are asked to wear their scout shirt, and be there to talk to potential new members. Free hot dogs and drinks furnished by the school

Saturday September 14 -- 1 p.m.. - Meet at Claugherty’s house for Biking merit badge work. Biking to Fort Custer. Prepare to get wet.

Saturday, September 21 - Festival of the Forks. Canoe race. Sign up early morning. Full dress. Flag raising ceremony? ALso Order of the Arrow weekend for selected scouts.

Tuesday, September 24 - 7 p.m. -- Board of Review. Scouts with soccer practice are to come at 8:30 p.m. and will be worked into the schedule. (at the church)

Sunday, September 29 - 7 p.m. Court of Honor. Dessert potluck. Scouts are to wear full Class A dress uniform (includes scout pants, sash, shirt, neckerchief and slide. (at the church) Phone calls inviting scouts will be made by Nick.

Tuesday, October 1 --7 p.m. -- during regular scout meeting City Manager Mike Herman will come to the regular scout meeting to begin work on the Citizenship of the World merit badge. This is an Eagle required badge. Scouts who have conflicts of schedule will need to work with Mr. Herman individually (come to meeting late or arrange to meet him at 3 p.m. some day before practice). There are 3 citizenship badges and we will work on all 3 on alternate years so all scouts will have a good chance to get their Eagle award.

Weekend of October 11-13 -- Fall Camp-o-ree. Scouts must bring full dress uniform. Will be held at Camp Muscotah in Hillsdale.

Friday November 1, 4 p.m. -- Camping weekend on Bearman’s property. Backpack into location, including tents. Last camp out of the year. Get ahold of Mike Bearman ahead of time to line up tents. At a meeting is OK.

Monday November 11, Veteran’s Day. Scouts will be asked to participate in flag raising ceremony. Albion Volunteer Service Organization.

Tuesday November 26-- meet at the Anderla’s (across and east from Jolly green Junction) to make wreaths for mothers. (remember to remove greens and return metal frames later.)

Jan 21, 2003, MLK weekend. Annapolis “Merit Badge day.” Was mentioned in Boy’s Life. Need to earn the money for the trip. 12 hours each way. So far 9 boys and 2 adults plan to participate.

January-February-- Polar Bear weekend planned. Date pending

April 12 - Spring Camp-o-ree?

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