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Court of Honor September 28, 2002
minutes are on-line at:

Guest, Vicar Eric Stinnett of St. Paul’s opened the meeting with a prayer.

Merit badges were handed out next by the Scout master Mike Bearman. Most of these were earned in Boy Scout Camp Tamarack, in July. These included: Alex, woodcarving, motorboats, canoeing, fingerprinting, pioneering, art, 1st Aid, and communications. Brad- art, athletic, pioneering, sports, fingerprinting, family life, and he also earned his Life Scout award. Mikey, wilderness survival, mammal study, motor boating, environmental science, canoeing, fish and wildlife management. Nick, passed to Tenderfoot, and 2nd Class simultaneously, canoeing, 1st aid, pioneering, mammal study, sailing, motorboat (and more. Jon, drafting, athletic, wilderness survival, art and sports.

Two new scouts joined up tonight officially. Joe, earned the scout rank. and Dan, also earned the scout rank.
Possible record for most merit badges earned in one week of camp -- Charlie. In one week, he earned fingerprinting, art, camping, motorboating, small boat sailing, mammal study, nature, canoeing, sports, athletics, weather and reptile and amphibian study.

Matt earned 1st aid, communications. Will earned 2nd class, athletics, canoeing, fingerprinting, sports, small boat sailing, art, motor boating. (also recognized later for Festival canoe race.)

Total of 49 badges earned at Camp Tamarack this summer by our troop. We also earned some banners that can be displayed with our troop flag for camp participation, best inspection and wood lake scout reservation. Also 2 others from Campsite Lacota. We also won a Dutch Oven bake off contest for a Cobbler dessert.

The troop committee chairman, John Geyer, was next introduced by Nick. John described how scouting trains boys to learn life skills from experts, and to get encouragement. He mentioned the minutes are on the scout web site, as well as photo tours of our own scout adventures.

Mike Bearman described how the scouts are now being more accountable for planning and running troop meetings, Tuesday meetings, as well as camp outs. A special thanks was given to Bob Sprouse for his help with many different events, his cooking skills, and his dedication in spite of the shift work he has been doing lately. Next the necessity for all scouts to start a notebook was mentioned. To earn merit badges, must keep track of scouting related activities, camping, volunteer work etc. Dates and times must be recorded. Get more info on merit badge requirements from or get a book from Toy House about merit badges. Many activities count towards merit badges. Scouts that are at Life Rank or above can help lower scouts by signing their requirement cards as earned. Be sure to know your knots for all ranks. More reviews for advancement are coming up. More counselors are needed.

Future plans-

Annapolis, January 16th-19th. Need to fill out form now. Must be 13 years old, and at least 1st class to attend. Need more adults to attend. Kids are responsible for getting assignments for school on Friday (1/2 day.) Leaving Thursday, Jan. 16th when school gets out at noon.

Scouts will need to sell a lot of candy and popcorn to earn money for this trip. Another court of honor coming up in December.

At the Festival Canoe race, Mikey and Nick came in 2nd place in a heat to the team that won everything. Will and a boy from 158 won 1st place in the 11/12 year old race. the award, a painted paddle was displayed.

Matt and Alex also won 1st place for a heat, 2nd overall of the 13/14 year old class.

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