Polar Bear Camping Weekend

January 27-28, 2001

Temperature 17 degrees, Wind, 13 mph, windchill -3 degrees



 We catch the scouts by surprise as we make a guest appearance at the future site of the campground.

The smoke in the background indicates the adults could not wait for the scouts to make a fire, and took charge of the situation.

 Eric K. in the background mans the fire, while Charlie begins to build his sleeping quarters for the evening.  
   The campfire beckons but there is work to be done before the scouts can enjoy sitting in the comfortable chair that awaits.
 Michael and Charlie have a start of their shelter. So far the shelter consists of a floor of pine branches covered with a tarp, and a pole that will eventually be a top to the shelter.  
   The adults, Eric and Bob, already have a tidy shelter built, using manmade materials, and keeping wind resistance to a minimum by maintaining a low profile.
 What may appear to the casual observer to be a portrait of confusion, is actually a finely orchestrated drill of scout preparedness, with a bit of distraction, as the team prepares for a long cold night.  

 Jonathan's shelter more closely resembled the vision we had of the camping shelters than those we had seen so far on our visit. Jonathan is a seasoned scout, and built this structure without help or distractions from friends.

 We were most impressed by the abode of young Matt. The image of this shelter shown here does not do justice to the cozy, igloo shaped structure.

Matt worked alone to build this resting place for the evening, although his father was nearby, which undoubtably helped inspire him to build this fine hut.

   Matt's father Dean set up his shelter nearby. This interesting tent, has not been used for several decades, according to a reliable source. It does appear that it will do the job nicely for this chilly evening, and is none the worse for wear by taking a few years off.

 The last camp site we visited belonged to Mikey and Bradley, who were the true Polar Bear adventurers of the weekend. Their shelter had a good start of the floor, and the ceiling. The sides still needed some work, in our opinion. Their site was located a good hike away from all of the other scouts, as is necessary to earn the badge they are working on.

We did not see either Mikey or Bradley when we visited their site, and their fire appeared to be out at this time. We hope they do well on this adventure and suspect they will learn a great deal.

We are also glad that our visit was limited to the half hour or so that it took to ski up and take a few photos. We wish all the scouts the very best for their bravery in this 24 hour adventure.




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