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Noisy-le-Roi Mayor Michel Colin


Letter from Michel Colin to Bill Wheaton (1999)


Translation of message from Michel Colin, Mayor of Noisy-le-Roi, to Bill Wheaton, Mayor of Albion
Delivered by Marie-Noelle Dupuy, Deputy Mayor of Noisy-le-Roi,
on September 22, 2002 during the Sister City Committee meeting


Your Honor,

It is always with pleasure that residents of Noisy-le-Roi come to participate in your annual Festival of the Forks. These exchanges are enriched through the reciprocal knowledge of our traditions and by the friendships which are created.

I have learned that the economy of your region is actually going through a recession which generates unemployment and difficulties for certain citizens. I want to say that we are wholeheartedly with you and sincerely hope for a return to prosperity.

Europe, and especially France, is always interested in what's happening in the United States and, on the occasion of the anniversary of the painful events of September 11, 2001, rest assured that we are with you.


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