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French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 11: Elementary School Exchange Program
This project would put families from Albion and Noisy in contact with each libraries. We should explore the possibilities of cooperation (title searches, borrowing of books....)

Albion Sister City Proposed Strategies
- Coordinate exchanges involving civic leaders. average citizens, hobbyists, church
- Be matchmakers for groups with similar interests
- Facilitate church info or in-person exchanges to promote the understanding of
religious differences
- Sponsor the showing of French films at the Bohm; create a library of French
films for loan through

French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 11: Elementary School Exchange Program
This project would put families from Albion and Noisy in contact with each other as early as possible in the life of their children: on that an elementary school exchange could be built. This is a project you have already worked on a lot and which involves nearly 20 Albion families. On the Noisy side, ANELE, the Noisy Association for the Teaching of Foreign Languages will fully support this initiative.

Project 12: Continuation of the exchange program between La Quintinye Middle School and Albion's Middle School. Supported by the new Superintendent of the Albion Public Schools, we should build on the 1999 exchanges which were very successful and which have been extended through individual relationships. We should find projects of mutual interest which will create lasting ties.

Project 12: Preparation of the visit of Dianne and Emmanuel's college group in October 2000. We would like to be more involved in the planning of this third group trip, which is unfortunately a very short stay, and for which we have some proposals for very instructive visits at little cost.

Project 12: Opportunity for a native speaker applicant at Albion College. Noisy is near to the Universities of Paris and Ile de France and could identify candidates on the condition that we begin a year in advance.

Albion Sister City proposed strategies

- Coordinate exchanges involving students
- Organize pen pal match-ups, leading to e-mail pals
- Encourage the start of French languages classes for youth, adults
- Partner with a college student to develop a curriculum kit on Noisy's customs,
culture, history, geography, etc. for use in Albion's elementary schools
- Arrange for a teacher exchange
- Place articles in the school newsletters
- Exchange curriculum packages

French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 21: Survey of 36 Albion VIPs in order to find out about their expectations and their willingness to participate in the Sister City program. The survey is ready. We just need to decide how to do it.

Project 22: French chef for Albion. This is a complicated project. We have expanded and improved our search and selection process.

Project 23: Expansion of Albion businesses to the Economic Development and Service Zones of Noisy-le-Roi. The City of Noisy is in the process of creating a 12 acre zone primarily to serve new information technology and communications industries in conjunction with nearby research centers. Lots, complete with infrastructure, will be available to businesses in the summer of 2001 and the train station will be open in September 2003. Although Noisy-le-Roi does not have a college or university, it is very near centers of excellence in higher education, technology, industry and finance in Ile de France, the number one region of Europe. Particularly close by are INRA, European center of excellence in biology and biotechnology and INRIA, Research Center for Computer Science and Automation, the main activities of which are connected to the Internet and its applications.

Albion Sister City Strategies

- Share Albion's Diversity Statement with Noisy's committee
- Arrange participation in a Healing of Racism Workshop or cluster group to exchange
- Promote French products at local retail outlets such as Harley's, Anna's, Albion Travel
- Promote offerings of Michigan products in Noisy
- Business staff trades
- College interns
- Exchanges of business and industry leaders
- "Trade" homes for vacations
- French chef for Albion

French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 31: "Plant A Tree" promotion. This project will allow Albion residents, who wish to do so, help in the reforestation of Noisy following the December 1999 tornado. Plans are already complete.

Project 32: Regular column in the Albion newspaper and reciprocity in Noisy's newsletter. This column in an Albion will update readers on what's happening, of interest to them, in Noisy. This project is ready to go. The reciprocity would not be identical since Noisy does not have a newspaper, but the City's newsletter would be used. The Sister City's website project could certainly contribute as well.

Project 33: Regular mailing of the Noisy-le-Roi newsletter to Albion. We started mailing this last June to more than fifteen people in Albion. We would like to have your feedback on this: the interest, how order to determine how to proceed in the future.

Albion Sister City Proposed Strategies

- Offer an oreintation on communication etiquette, customs, and history to our travelers to Noisy
- Sister City committee members on both ends should e-mail each other
- Create a resource directory of area activities and items of interest
- Include regular info tidbits and articles in the Albion Recorder, including a regular
"citizen of the month" blurb on a Noisy resident
- Prepare articles for their City or school newsletters
- Prepare and send videos and photos of the Albion area
- Supply Albion historical and cultural info to Noisy
- Prepare "citizen of the month" profiles on Albionites for their publication(s)
- Sister City page on Forks website; promote its existence; link to Noisy
- Design joint P.R. materials (logos, buttons, t-shirts

French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 41: Exhibit about Noisy-le-Roi in Albion. Noisy has different elements which could be part of this exhibit, such as paintings, enlargements of post cards, books and maps. We would like to determine if such an exhibit could be done in Albion and who would manage it. It could involve the Renaissance du Patrimoine (Historical) Society of Noisy-le-Roi.

Project 42: Arts and Craft Show. There are opportunities to hold shows with paintings, photography or crafts. We should discuss how to carry this out: location, supporting organizations, media support, temporary importation of goods, potential sales ....

Project 43: Exchanges between the libraries of Noisy and Albion. Noisy and Albion both have public and school h the public and college libraries - Municipal partnerships: Share knowledge of government structures, address environmental concerns, share financial/economic strategies, use of technology French Sister City Proposed Projects


Project 51: Baseball Exchange Program. Young players from Noisy are on the French National Baseball team. This team is ready to organize exhibition games with players from Albion schools who would come to Noisy. We are looking for someone in Albion to manage this project.

Project 52: Other athletic exchanges. Numerous athletic associations exist in Noisy/Bailly. We would like to explore with you the possibilities for exchanges despite the distance handicap.

Albion Sister City Proposed Strategies
- Coordinate exhcanges involving athletes, baseball, etc.


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