"BITS 'N PIECES"    # 1


DID YOU KNOW that on July 8,1957, the MOUSKETEERS  ( 56 )  and TWEETIES ( 7 )     set a single game Pee Wee Baseball  scoring record  of 63 runs  ???????

The game was played on the north Victory Park diamond off of Hannah Street.

HIGHLIGHTS:                                                                                                                                                                    (1) The players of both teams faced the batting tee 114 times -- Mousketeers ( 80  ) Tweeties (34 ).

(2) The thirteen player Mousketeers lineup batted through their entire lineup in all five innings. The team was

         creditd with 38 hits.                                                                                                                                                                                           

 (3) The two Mousketeer Willies  -   Willy Tabb and Willie Sacharski had ten hits between them.  Albert Williamson had a

         perfect day at the tee for the Tweeties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (4)  Hey, former Pee Wee leaguer visualize this one  -  the most often  completed OUT in the histoy of Pee Wee

         Baseball was--- the forceout at second base.  A grounder to 3RD  OR  LSS.  The toss to the player in the circle

         at 2B  OUT ! !

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT.  The Tweeties second baseman, Dennis Pollard, caught the ball in the circle at 2nd base for all fifteen of the Mouseketeer game outs.  What a career day for Dennis Pollard  (even if 57 other runners

         ran by him on their way to 3B ).

 (6) ONLY Four of the 15 Tweetie outs were at 2b;  six  were on  throws to 1st base ; two on a popup and force at third ;   

         a  grounder out to first and a strikeout.  THAT'S,   Albion style tee ball .

                                                                                                                                                                                                 :  The lineups in this MEMORABLE game: MOUSKETEERS  Willie Sacharski, Chris Magnotta, Mark Johnson, Larry Cvitkovic, Eddiev Pulse, Billy Lockwood, Robin Avery, Dennis Shaw, Willy Tabb, Jim Haskins, Lyle Mather, Tyronne Lafayette and Gary Lackey.  Steve Luty was on vacation.////////  TWEETIES  Dave Rammelkamp, Dennis Pollard, Doug Miller, David Lloyd, Jerry Van Schoick, Rick Weatherford, Joe Reynolds, Larry Van Schoick, Harold Mills,and Albert Williamson. John Geyer was absent.  Bucky Hallock was on vacation.

THE SPIRIT OF  PEE WEE BASEBALL.  A day or so following the Mousketeers-Tweeties record=breaking game, a parent told me this story.    Upon returning home from work on the day of the high  scoring   game, a Tweetie player's father asked his seven year old son about the result of that  afternoon's tee ball game.  We lost to the Mouseketeers 56 to 7 ! !  the boy excitedly shouted.  When the Dad  asked the boy why he was so happy over such  a devastating loss, the boy answered ,  BUT, Dad, Mr. Sacharski said we set a PEE  WEE BASEBALL league record ! ! !   


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