Victory for Kids

Playground Building

Albion Michigan 2003

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Photos by Maggie LaNoue ©2003

Getting Started

Boom Auger

Lining up work

Cutting Wood

Digging Holes by Hand

Tool Truck

Good Start

Volunteers line up

The Setting

AVSO helps out

Receive instructions

Learning by example

Pitching in

Leslie and Luti

Big Job

Lined up to go

Everyone helps out

Skilled Craftsman

Reporting for duty

Growth of a playground

More workers show up

I am helping!

It takes a village...


Working evenings


Taking Shape

Moving Along

Something to be Proud of

Great Team Effort


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This project, created in conjunction with, was made possible by a grant from the Youth Advisory Committee,
and the Youth Media Bureau which are both funded by the Albion Community Foundation

Photo tour by
© 2003 Maggie LaNoue

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