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Sponsoring Organization

Calhoun County Michigan State University Extension 4-H Program

Collaborating Organizations

Minority Program Services, Albion City and Recreation Dept., Albion Public School, Albion Community Foundation, Albion Volunteer Service Center, faith-based organizations, and service clubs.

Contact person for the Program

Sherry Grice, Extension 4-H Youth Agent

Contact information phone

269-781-0784    after 2-1-03


1-800-561-4903 ext. 0784

Dates and Hours for the program

4-H program days and hours vary according to local clubs and sponsored events. In general the programs occur in schools, after school and weekends.

Time to sign up for the program

Year around

How to sign up

Call Toll Free:
1-800-561-4903 ext. 0784
or email for more informationbar

contact us


MSU is a affirmative action equal opportunity institute.


MSU Extension 4-H program fulfills the first, second, third and fifth promises, to the America's Promise.

Calhoun County Michigan State University Extension 4-H Program

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Note - This page was created in 2003. Many of the programs are still going, but it is best to check with the organization mentioned to see current info. For the most up to date information on events and programs in Albion, or to post your program, please visit

Where will the activity take place?

College and University campuses, educational centers, various settings, schools, community based facilities, youth centers, house commission, faith based, service clubs facilities, Minority Program Service building


The 4-H program provides development, life skill enhancement and asset-building to your people in Calhoun county. The 4-H program provides quality, age appropriate experiences for youth, backed by university based research, and in support of the goal of America's Promise. Calhoun County 4-H Program works to meet objectives through 4-H projects, club workshops, local/state/national/international experiences, asset building and life skill development and character education. The 4-H Program utilitizes volunteers and collaborators to assist in carrying out 4-H programming.

Who may participate in the program?

Youth 5-21, and adult volunteers

Is transportation provided?


What is the cost to participate?

no cost, some cost for various events

Michigan State University Extension Programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marriage status or family status.







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