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Sponsoring Organization

Girl Scouts

Contact person for the Program

Beth Silvis

Contact information phone


Dates and Hours for the program

Vary by troop

Time to sign up for the program

Any time - New troops usually start up at the beginning of the school year

How to sign up

Call 630-8682, or sign up at your school's Open Housesbar


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Girl Scouts

Note - This page was created in 2003. Many of the programs are still going, but it is best to check with the organization mentioned to see current info. For the most up to date information on events and programs in Albion, or to post your program, please visit

Where will the activity take place?

Many various locations


To give girls experiences that they might not normally have. To experience life to the fullest.

Who may participate in the program?

Any girl from Kindergarten through adulthood

Is transportation provided?


What is the cost to participate?

$10.00 to register, and troop dues set by troop. (Usually $1.00-$2.00 each meeting)





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