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Sponsoring Organization

Albion College

Collaborating Organizations

Minority Program Services, Albion Recreation Dept., Albion Public School, Albion Community Foundation, Albion Volunteer Service Center, John 3:16

Contact person for the Program

Thomas R. Johnson Ph.D.

Contact information phone

517- 629-0439

Dates and Hours for the program

June 16-July 18 2003  9am-1pm

Time to sign up for the program

Spring: mailing will go to former participants, others call.

How to sign up

Call 629-0439 and ask for an applicationbar

National Youth Sports Program NYSP (ages 10-16)

Albion College Youth Skill Project ACYSP (ages 5-9)


Wondering about the meetings? Don't worry! You'll get a newsletter soon. You probably already know the drill.

Missed the physicals? Don't worry! Come the first day and you can still get a free one without paying for your own!


Where will the activity take place?

Albion College - Dow Center, corner of Erie and Hannah


NYSP and ACYSP is a summer day camp that uses sports and movement along with educational opportunities to help get boys and girls ages 5-16 ready for school and life. It includes a free "T" shirt, medical, breakfast snack, hot lunch, afternoon snack, instruction and fun. The camp is housed at Albion College and a major sponser is Albion's Brighter Furture project and a Federal 21st century education grant.

The new Youth Skill Program for 5-9 year olds is developed by and exclusive to Albion College this year. This promising new program, developed by Albion College's Dr. Thomas Johnson, will act as a model for the 200 other NYSP's nationwide.

"We hope to sign up over 1000 boys and
girls ages 5-16 and give over 800 free physicals."

Who may participate in the program?

Boys and girls 5-16 years old from Albion

Is transportation provided?


What is the cost to participate?


See many more photos of NYSP on our
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