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Parks Promise

Sponsoring Organization

Minority Program Services, Inc.

Contact person for the Program

Harry Bonner, Sr.
Paula Langston Ware

Contact information phone

517 629-2113

Dates and Hours for the program

Year-round, hours vary

Time to sign up for the program

Open Invitation

How to sign up

Phone 629-2113 or walk in to Minority Program Services, Inc. 300 B Drive North, Albion, MIbar

Write to Us

Minority Program Services fulfill the first, second, third and fourth promises, to the America's Promise.

Minority Program Services
Activities - Now Kids At Hope and Subsgtance Abuse PRevention Services

Note - This page was created in 2003. Many of the programs are still going, but it is best to check with the organization mentioned to see current info. For the most up to date information on events and programs in Albion, or to post your program, please visit

Where will the activity take place?

Various locations, including:
Schools, Colleges, Community


Minority Program Services works to keep substance abuse from destroying lives in the local community. The MPS staff believes the way to stop drugs from having an effect on the lives of people is to provide young children with enriching activities. That is why MPS partners with organizations like 4-H to help give youth a choice of positive activities. Those involved with Minority Program Services say the staff really cares and wants to see people succeed.

Who may participate in the program?

Youth pre-selected by Minority Program Services and staff.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation provided for field trips only

What is the cost to participate?

No cost -- unless otherwise specified




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