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Citizens for a Victory Park Playground is a non-profit group of Albion citizens organized to promote an important community project—a safe and beautiful playground for all Albion children at Victory Park.

The Albion Community Foundation acts as a fiduciary for the group, collecting and distributing all funds donated to the playground project.

The summer of 2003, twenty Albion citizens are coordinating various aspects of the project, from fundraising to public relations and construction planning.

Sponsoring Organization

Citizens for a Victory Park Playground

Collaborating Organization

Albion Community Foundation

Contact person for the Program

Angie Cole

Contact information phone

517- 629-5574

Dates and Hours for the program

A construction or “build” date of September 3 through 7, 2003, has been set and coordinators continue to publicize the project and solicit donations of money and materials.

Who may participate in the program?

Everyone is invited to participate.

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Victory for Kids
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Where will the activity take place?

Victory Park, Albion, Michigan

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In the summer of 2000, inspectors found the playground equipment at Victory Park unsafe, and determined that it needed to be removed.

Shortly afterwards, Citizens for a Victory Park Playground began working toward a new community-built playground at the park.

After successful initial fundraising, the group hired a nationally-recognized architectural firm, Leathers and Associates, to come up with a design.

After a “Design Day” with Albion school children, during which children contributed their ideas and drawings and named the playground “Victory for Kids,” the architects arrived at an exciting plan.

As of this date, $85,000 has been raised toward a total of $125,000 needed for materials and maintenance.

This is a huge project for Albion, involving our whole community. Donations have ranged from $15 to $10,000 and every dollar counts. Community members not only come up with the money for the project, they buy the materials and actually build the playground themselves.

Hundreds of people will work in shifts over a five-day period to complete the playground. Individuals from all over Albion are taking responsibility for the project, which will make an impressive addition to the city’s infrastructure at a time when Albion is undergoing a new push for revitalization.

Victory for Kids is a community-building project that will benefit our children and our community as a whole.


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An Open Letter to Donors and Potential Donors

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