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Recreation Staff and Contact Information

Staff Name Title Program Telephone
Ryan Bowler Recreation Aide youth baseball 517-857-3169
Kim Brown Site Coordinator swimming 630-8242
Cathy Campbell Consultant programs 629-6597
Kenny Cardozo Recreation Aide baseball/Spanish 629-4331
Deb Cole Food Service Director Summer Food Program 629-9013
Mike Culliver Recreation Aide t-ball/basketball 630-8574
Jamelah Earle Site Coordinator creative writing/drama 629-2917
Christi Egnatuk Concessions/Lifeguard swimming/baseball 629-9966
Mary Anne Egnatuk Consultant programs 629-9966
Tracy Egnatuk Concessions/Lifeguard/Coach swimming/baseball/t-ball 629-9966
Karla Gamble Recreation Aide girls basketball/womenĂs fastpitch 629-2601
Rafael Garza Umpire youth baseball 629-8665
Bill Greene Site Coordinator Dominos 629-4522
Carolyn Gilg Site Coordinator/Scorekeeper Women's Fastpitch Softball 629-9448
Liz Groth Site Coordinator fitness program 248-891-9431
Jacques Harris Recreation Aide youth baseball 629-8612
Janice Haynes Site Coordinator t-ball/basketball 629-5016
Cathleen Johnson Site Coordinator Summer Jubilee Camp 629-2312
Tom Johnson Consultant NYSP 629-0439
Jason Lauterbach Umpire baseball 629-8686
Jamie Longhurst Site Coordinator Spanish 629-9448
Danielle Miller Recreation Aide girls basketball/women's fastpitch 629-5838
Sam Miller Concessions/Lifeguard swimming/baseball 629-5630
Todd Morgan Consultant youth baseball 629-8686
Frank Passic Site Coordinator Ethnic Cemetery Tour 629-5402
Deona Peace Concessions/Lifeguard swimming/baseball/t-ball 629-3608
Sara Pinkham Program Coordinator all programs 629-5460
Dominic Reid Recreation Aide t-ball/park cleanup 629-8875
Danon Reid Recreation Aide t-ball/park cleanup/field maintenance 629-8875
Gerald Simpson Site Coordinator Girls Softball 629-5359
Thomas Spratley Site Coordinator basketball 629-2718
Alonda Spence Site Coordinator cheerleading/dance/step 629-8591
Donivan Williams Recreation Aide basketball/t-ball/field maintenance
Leah Williams Site Coordinator Tennis 629-5898
Chris Ware Recreation Aide youth baseball 630-8242
Rick Weaver Consultant youth baseball 629-5378
Aaron Washington Recreation Supervisor all programs 517-262-5617
Tony Wimberly Recreation Aide t-ball/boys basketball/men's basketball
Susie Zerbe Site Coordinator Women's Fastpitch Softball 629-9237




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