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Albion 100 Years Ago - April 1900

Morning Star, Sunday April 2, 2000, page 3.

Presenting our "100 Years Ago This Month" theme comes the following local news items from March and April, 1900: Week of March 1. "Antonio Guterres, Modesto A. Jr., and Justo Pastony Ruiz, the three young Cubans who have been gaining their education at Mason under the direction of George P. Griffin, came to Albion this week to stay with Mr. Griffin. Mrs. Griffin will removed to Albion in a few weeks."

"Orva Bronson of Springport, who served in the 17th regulars in the Philippines, was in the city Tuesday. Mr. Bronson was seriously wounded near Manila under rather strange circumstances. He was leaning over an embankment during the battle of San Fernando, when a Filipino sharpshooter, stationed in a tree 300 yards away, shot him. The bullet entered at the knee and taking an upward course through his body, came out near the shoulder. The doctor of his regiment picked off the offending sharpshooter a little later."

Week of March 15. "A case of strong desire for drink was discovered the other day, the subject being a cow owned by Mr. Putnam in Eckford. The cow was believed to be suffering from acute indigestion, and had been down for 36 hours unable to move. Dr. H. S. Smith was called, tapped the stomach, and drew 165 quarts of clear water, the operation taking four hours. Immediately afterwards the cow got up and began to eat as if nothing had occurred."

Week of April 12. "Captured at Last. Fred Tichenor, who has long been wanted for complicity in the famous Tekonsha burglary case, was arrested....and brought to Albion. It is for this same robbery which took place in 1897 that Joe Gregory is now serving 10 years and Doc Ryan 7 years in state prison. Gregory was arrested at Jackson in August 1897 at Ringling Bros’ circus tent, for the Tekonsha silk robbery. Two days later Tichenor was arrested here, but gave the officers the slip and had eluded capture since. Sunday evening he was seen on Mechanic St. by chief of Police Boyle, who followed him, locating him at the residence of a friend. Since his escape from the local officer, nearly two years ago, Tichenor, who is about 30 years old, has traveled about the country. It has been said that he has visited Albion several times in the period during the night, always managing to slip in and out without capture."

"Miss Ella Coffin was ill with the grip the latter part of the week. Miss Esther Collins of the college supplied her place as organist at the Baptist Church Sunday."

Week of April 26. "Yesterday should mark the beginning of a new era in the history of Albion College athletics. For some time President Ashley has been quietly working to secure an athletic field for the college association, and yesterday morning he announced at chapel that John Winter and Dr. Oliver Lau of Detroit had each given $1,000 towards the purchase of the field which has long been desired for that purpose. This is the 13-acre lot adjoining the railroad track and Brockway’s woods, affording ample room for two base ball diamonds and foot ball fields, and other branches of athletic sport."

Winter-Lau Field

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