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Albion 100 Years Ago - October 1900

Morning Star, October 8, 2000, pg. 4

A reminder: If you missed it, my Riverside Cemetery tour programs are now available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. Also, the Historical Notebook is on the internet! Go to www.albionmich.com, click on the Albion History Directory, and choose your options. We now continue with our monthly theme of Albion 100 years ago. Week prior to October 4, 1900: "Girl Wanted. Girl for general housework wanted at 401 W. Chestnut St. Three in family. No washing."

October 11: "William Cullen Hakes, one of the oldest residents of Sheridan township, died Friday from old age at the home of Charles Burr, north of the city. The deceased was nearly 94 years of age. He was born in Connecticut, learned the trade of a shoemaker, and spent the greater portion of his life in New York State. His grandfather was a prominent officer during the revolution and a close personal friend of Washington. The deceased's father, George Washington Hakes, was named after the first president at the latter's personal solicitation. Two sons and one daughter survive him."

"Williams Jennings Bryan, Democratic candidate for President, visited Albion today and departed. The crowd which gathered was considerably smaller than that which assembled for his last visit, October 16, 1896, and what applause was given was not of that demonstrative character of four years ago."

"A bicycle stolen from Charles Osborne by Claude Williams some weeks ago was recovered Friday by Deputy Graham from a Kalamazoo dealer who had purchased it from Williams for $6. Williams is now serving time for horse stealing near St. Joseph."

"While working on Steele's new elevator Monday, William Weston suffered an accident by which the adz [Writers note: an adz is a cutting tool that has a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and is used chiefly for shaping wood] which he was using slipped and cut a bad gash in his leg, necessitating several stitches."

"Arthur Ball, who lives about five miles south of the city was arrested Thursday upon the charge of shooting quail out of season, it having been reported to the deputy game warden that promiscuous shooting was going on between here and Homer. Ball pleaded guilty before Justice Smith on Friday morning."

October 18: School board minutes. "Owing to the disorganized condition of the public schools, a large percent absenting themselves because of the fright caused by diphtheria in the city, the board of education have decided to close schools for one week, hoping that at the end of that time things will be quieted to the extent that we will have a full attendance."

"No public funeral should be held at a house in which there is a case of diphtheria, nor in which a death from diphtheria has recently occurred. Except under extraordinary precautions there should be no public funeral of a person who has died from diphtheria. No child should attend, and it would be better in most cases that few adults should attend a funeral of a person dead of diphtheria. Any public notice of the death should state the cause as diphtheria, to prevent attendance at the funeral or visits to the residence."

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