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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, February 11, 2001, pg. 8

We continue with our theme of local news from 100 years ago, of which February 1901 was a very morbid month. Week ending February 7, 1901: "Many Homes Visited. Death Has called Away a Number of Albionís Best. A Week of Funerals. Citizens Mourn the Loss of Henry Ismon among others. Miss Lulu Shellito also called. We doubt if in any other one week have Albion people been called upon to mourn the departure of so many of her citizens, and the funeral wreath or band of crepe has been a common sight in our city for the past few days. Among those who have been taken from our midst is Henry Ismon, who breathed his last on Saturday night after a lingering illness of several months, although he was confined to his bed for only the last eight weeks. During the past summer it was evident from Mr. Ismonís condition that some serious trouble, which proved of a cancerous nature, reduced him gradually to but a shadow of his former self and finally terminated fatally as stated."

February 14, 1901: "Miss Bessie Zimmerman gave an exceedingly pretty valentine party on Friday evening in honor of her brother and his friend Mr. Bishop a nephew of Mrs. S. Y. Hill. Hearts of various colors were suspended in festoons in the hall, library and parlor. In the library the maize and blue of the U. of M. paid pretty deference to the college home of the guests of honor, and the pink and green of Albion helped to make those of the guests who are students at the college feel quite at home."

February 21, 1901: "All Albion Mourns. The Death of her Beloved Dr. Lewis R. Fiske, Which Occurred at Denver on Thursday. For twenty years president of Albion College. A noble man, distinguished as an educator, minister and citizen. Funeral services held on Tuesday. Business houses closed and college work suspended." "Court News. Evil doers keep the justices busy. Dr. Charles Henry Walker was given 25 days in jail by Justice Smith yesterday morning for drunkenness and the use of obscene language."

February 28, 1901: "On Thursday Frank VanAtta had a severe stroke of paralysis at the insane asylum at Kalamazoo where he was taken some time ago. His wife and mother went to him at once." "Cyrus Howell, of Condit, met with quite a loss on Thursday evening, his valuable team of farm horses being killed by the southbound evening train on the Lake Shore [& Michigan Southern Railroad]. Mr. Howell had recently sold his farm and farm stock preparatory to removing to his new home in Kentucky. He kept this team of handsome black horses, however, as they were his especial pets. They were running south on the track when struck."

"Senator Bangham has introduced a bill in the state senate to take Calhoun County out of the fifth judicial circuit and make of it a new one to be known as the forty-seventh."

From our Historical Notebook we present a photograph of Albion College president Lewis Ransom Fiske (1825-1901, president of the college from 1877-1898) who died 100 years ago this month.

Lewis Ransom Fiske (1825-1901)
President of Albion College 1877-1898

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