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Morning Star, April 22, 2001, pg. 3

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The class of 1901 had 33 members. 22 were girls, and 11 were boys. In looking over the class roster, I spot several notable personalities. One is Benjamin D. Brown (1883-1938) who served as president and treasurer of the Albion Malleable Iron Company during the 1930s. Another is George Bogue Hunt (1883-1932), brother of noted wildlife artist Lynn Bogue Hunt. George worked for the railroad in our area for many years. Charles Roy Wilder (1883-1918) was a son of Samuel Wilder who operated Wilderís Lumber Yard, now Citizenís Lumber Yard.

In 1908 a listing was printed of all alumni of Albion High School 1878-1908. It included information such as the current place of residence, occupation, and a womanís married name. In looking over the listing for the class of 1901, an exceptionally large number of them had moved away from Albion compared with other classes. Here then is the roster of class members as presented. Do you recognize any of these names, or are any of our readers descended from any of these persons?

Edith G. Bolster, Albion; Llewellyn A. Beaghler, medical student, Ann Arbor; Benjamin D. Brown, Malleable Iron Company, Albion; Jessie M. Barry (Mrs. Julius Bartell), Albion; Ivah A. Borner, teacher, Belding; Clara M. Bramble, Albion; Flossie D. Bentley (Mrs. Ernst Marsh), Jackson; Henrietta H. Brown, stage, Jackson; Carrie May Cuatt (Mrs. Herbert P. Wright), Albion; Leonard B. Clark, shop, Hillsdale; Eva Doolittle, stenographer, Jackson; Irene Farley (Mrs. Charles Anderson), Detroit; Mabelle E. Godfrey (Mrs. Harry Blakeney), Detroit;

Frances A. Howard (Mrs. Fred G. Wescott), Grand Rapids; Charles S. Hall, Albion; Ivah B. Gardner, stenographer, Chicago; Sadie M. Hanlon (Mrs. Glenn Patterson), Kendallville, Indiana; Harry A. Hart, shop, Detroit; George Bogue Hunt, Michigan United Railways, Battle Creek; Frank J. Kratz, draughtsman, Detroit; Glenn C. Knickerbocker, cement works, Bronson; Margaret D. Mosher, Albion; Edna J. Martin, teacher, San Francisco;

Genevieve Munroe, no information given; Edward O. Putnam, Albion; LaVerne Rogers, physician, Galesburg; Blanche M. Reed, teacher, Albion; Orah M. Reed (Mrs. William Krenerick), Albion; Myrtle M. Smith (Mrs. C. V. Wilson), Jackson; Jessie G. Sweeney (Mrs. Leonard B. Clark), Hillsdale; Nina B. VanBuren, teacher of music, Albion; and Charles Roy Wilder, traveling salesman, Albion.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of the Albion High School Class of 1901. This photo and the identifications can be found on page 194 of my 1991 book, "A HISTORY OF THE ALBION PUBLIC SCHOOLS" which is still available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. If you graduated from Albion High School through 1991, your name is in my book (but not in the class of 1901 of course). Check it out.

Also, a big thank you to all my readers of this column who are on the "lookout" for Albion historical research items for my personal archives which I use in the preparation of these articles and for answering historical questions. These include: Albion picture postcards, Albion family photographs, Calhoun County history books and atlasses, Albion city directories for certain years, Albion history books and maps, Albion high school "Breeze" newspapers and yearbooks, and similar items.

Class of 1901


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