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Albion 100 Years Ago - May 1901

Morning Star, May 6, 2001, pg. 20

We continue with our theme of Albion, 100 years ago, which includes some surprising news about the organization of Albionís first chamber of commerce. Week ending May 2, 1901. "A large and enthusiastic meeting of about 100 of the representative business men of this city was held on Tuesday evening at the Leisure Hour club house for the purpose of forming a permanent organization for the improvement of the business interests in Albion. For some time it has been apparent that Albion lacks not business places but rather people to spend money at those places which we already have. Since the erection of the fine new business blocks on Superior St. last summer, vacant stores have stared us in the face...Congressman Washington Gardner then spoke. He dwelt upon the enviable reputation which Albion enjoys throughout the state for its natural beauty, the intelligence and morality of its people, its enterprise as a community, and its resources."

"The new city marshal, N. Dean Harroun, has been making a tour of the city during the past week with a view to discovering defective sidewalks. He makes note of these and their owners are notified that repairs are needed."

"Ground Broken for the New Electric Road through this Section. On Monday morning a number of men and teams assembled at the corner of Albion St. and Austin Ave.Grading has been done this week from Albion St. on east and ties have been distributed...Surveyors were at work the last of last week laying out the route west of the city. The road will extend through the center of the highway in the city, but at the western boundary of the city limits, which is near the old Saxton place, the road will occupy its private right of way on the north side of the highway inside the fences."

"On Sunday Charles A. Courtright entered the kitchen of the Hotel Albion in an intoxicated condition. He proceeded to help himself to custard pie and other dainties and it required some force to expel him. On Monday he was taken to Justice Laneís court where his little treat of pie cost him $5.70."

May 9, 1901: "Mrs. Van Atta and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frank Van Atta, have purchased the old Parker House more lately known as the Van Atta House. They will thoroughly remodel it and continue to conduct it."

"A cement walk is to be constructed in front of the Baptist Church at the expense of the city, as all walks adjacent to church property will be hereafter. The sum of $23.80 is to be refunded to the Catholic church society for the construction of their cement walk."

May 23, 1901. "Albionís First Automobile. During the past winter, W. D. Brundage, superintendent of the Gale Manufacturing Company, has been busy constructing an automobile which made its first appearance on our streets this week. Nearly every part of this machine has been made by Mr. Brundage, and the perfection which he has attained is a source of just pride to the builder and a matter upon which he is receiving many congratulations from his friends...The test drive which Mr. Brundage made on Friday proved highly satisfactory, and it will doubtless become a familiar object upon our streets this summer."

"An old barn on the farm of Daniel Snyder, in the township of Convis, which is one of the last remaining built by the early settlers, is being taken down by Mrs. Snyder in order to remodel and enlarge it. It was built by Jehiel Markham about 65 years ago. When the first public highways were being laid out, it was planned to lay out a road between sections 31 and 32 of the township. The owner of the land hearing that the road would probably intersect his farm, built this barn directly on the section line, and in this way prevented the running of a road through his farm. It is one of the old landmarks, but like others, must yield to progress."

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