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Albion 100 Years Ago - September 1901

Morning Star, September 2, 2001, pg. 5

We continue with our theme of Albion--100 years ago. Week ending September 5, 1901. "In the morning at the Presbyterian Church the regular communion service will be observed with the communion lesson: A Night of Sin." "Three good houses and lots belonging to the estate of Ira Foster, will be sold at administratorís sale on Saturday, September 14."

"Grading of the electric road has been completed from the Marengo corners to within about 3 miles of the city." "The case of Anna Nass, who was sent to the Adrian School for girls on the charge of being disorderly, will be appealed to the circuit court. Weeks & Williams are acting as attorneys for the girl." "Tekonsha seems to have a reverence for the number 3. There are 3 physicians in town, 3 churches, 3 resident ministers, 3 fraternal societies, 3 hardware stores, and 3 stock buyers."

September 12, 1901: "John Haines of this city, a pensioner, is alleged to have heard William Morran, also of this city, make a disrespectful remark Saturday night about the president which he quickly resented in anger. Blows and the issuance of a warrant for Haines were the result, but the matter was finally settled out of court." "Albion is one of the few cities of Michigan that is experimenting with a system of school savings bank...The secretary of the board of education shows that the local bank [Albion State Bank] to which the deposits are entrusted, made up to the close of the school year, seventeen weekly collections averaging $48.98 each. 320 pupils or about one-fourth the pupils of the schools, have opened bank accounts."

September 19, 1901: "The horse attached to Mr. Thompsonís milk wagon scattered the lacteal fluid quite freely on Tuesday morning. It became frightened on Superior St. and ran north to Huntís bakery where it fell. The horse was not seriously injured but the wagon was a total wreck." "Fred Cooper, for some time an employee at the Malleable Iron Works, was discharged on Saturday noon for alleged scurrilous remarks regarding the assassination of President McKinley." "The case against Anna Nass who was sent to the Adrian School for girls and then returned that she might have a rehearing has been dismissed." "Jerome DeCorsey of Eaton Rapids lost two fingers while cutting a monument in the cemetery here on Tuesday."

September 26, 1901:" A Dastardly Deed. Albion Ladies Attacked and Shot by Highwayman. Mrs. C. A. Davis Wounded. She and Mrs. Charles Hancock Molested by Masked Robber on Jackson Road near the Glascoff Farm 2 Miles east of City." "The Duck Lake post office has been discontinued, rural mail routes extending out from Albion and Olivet are serving the patrons, sufficiently to render the post office unnecessary." "The Albion Opera House has been thoroughly renovated and repaired and is now in first class condition. Among other improvements is the addition of fire escapes." "Desiring additional help for the season of 1901-02, which is now on, we can give employment to 100 girls from 19 to 35 years of age. Work is making ladiesí muslin underwear with power machines. For full particulars write to Standard Mfg. Co, Jackson, Michigan."

"Word was received yesterday morning of the death of Wellington Bidwell Crane at Kalamazoo at an early hour that day. Mr. Crane, whose mind had been failing for some months, was placed in the Kalamazoo asylum about three weeks ago. [He] was for many years a resident of Albion...engaged in the dry goods business for several years here."

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