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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1902

Morning Star, March 3, 2002, pg. 9

We continue with our theme of Albion, 100 Years Ago. Week ending March 6, 1902: “The E. W. Hollingsworth Post of the G.A.R. held the first meeting in their new hall Tuesday evening.” “A bowling alley is to be installed soon in the store formerly occupied by the Blue Front hardware. The proprietors will be F. G. Broesamle of Chelsea, and F. L. Kelley of Jackson.” “Last Sunday’s Free Press contained portraits of a little group of pretty children of Albion. They were Frances Marsh, Helen L. Beall, and Audrey K. Wilder.”

“Kurt Botsford has built an addition on the west end of his popcorn stand and will add a line of cigars and a few other goods to his stock.” “William Frank, an inmate of the county house, died Sunday afternoon of pneumonia, aged 32. Frank had lived at the county house ever since he was five years old, and a peculiar fact in regard to him was that he had always worn dresses, refusing entirely to clothe himself in male attire.” “The Hough-Brundage gasoline engine factory will soon be running full blast. The machinery is about all installed and the office has been equipped ready for business.”

March 13, 1902: “Elliott C. Gale has decided to settle down in business in Albion, and accordingly, he has bought an interest in the hardware store of his brother, O. H. Gale.” “To Change Colors. Present Colors too Weak. Last Monday morning after chapel a movement was set on foot to adopt athletic colors for Albion College, the principal objections to the present college colors: pink and green, being that they are too weak and inconspicuous for athletic purposes. The change suggested was simply a variation of the present colors to scarlet and bottle green. The mass meeting in the afternoon was attended by a large number of the students, and a few members of the faculty. Both factions evidently came prepared for war. Then the debate waxed warm for nearly two straight hours, the opposition resorting to many different parliamentary schemes to defeat the project.”

March 20, 1902: “George Bullen has bought the old Irwin homestead at the corner of Superior St. and Irwin Avenue and will make some repairs that will put it in shape for a model home for himself and family.” “The Albion Milling property was sold at auction at the court house in Marshall last Friday afternoonn.”

March 27, 1902: “A train load of railroad ties arrived Tuesday over the Michigan Central for use in building the double track this season.” “It is a law that a minor cannot sell junk to anyone without the written consent of his parents, but last week some boys sold a quantity of stolen goods to L. W. Pryor without their parents consent, and on Friday Pryor was arrested and taken before Justice Smith, who fined him $9.85. The articles stolen were window weights from the Malleable Iron Works and they were identified at the second hand store by Harry Parker.”

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