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Morning Star, May 19, 2002, pg. 11

Each year at this time we present the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The class of 1902 had 27 members. 18 were girls, and 9 were boys. The valedictorian was Augusta Louise Moss. The speaker at the class commencement exercises held at the Methodist Church on E. Erie St. was Rev. Nehemiah Boynton of Detroit, who spoke on the subject “Confident Tomorrow.” In 1908 there was published an alumni booklet listing all of the previous graduates of Albion High School, giving the maiden name, married name, occupation, and the current place of residence. Ten 1902 class members were still in Albion at the time.

Presented here is the listing of the class, as presented in the alumni booklet. If they were still living in Albion, the place of residence is omitted here for space. How many of our readers remember any of these persons or are descended from them? Grace Evelyn Austin, music teacher; Frank Peer Beal, Los Angeles, CA; Jessie Claire Blanchard; Cornelia Florence Bolles-teacher, Montague; Marion Isabelle Burnett (Mrs. Harvey Oakes); Anna Ridley Clancy, Chicago; Athol Aloise Case, Marengo; Lovena Marie Crosier (Mrs. John Adams); Pearl Louise Dickey-teacher, Three Oaks; Clarence Albert Flinn-traveling salesman; George Byron Gale-MCRR brakeman; C. Georgia Nell Goodenow; Elgie Henry-stenographer, Chicago; Guy Watson Kimball-teacher, St. Paul, MN; Zella Marie King (Mrs. Harry A. Hart), Detroit; Oscar Alfred Kratz, Panama; Mary Amelia Lord-teacher, Holland; Augusta Louise Moss-teacher; Frank Leslie Martin-photographer, Three Oaks; Sadie Annie Osborn-teacher, Niles; Fay Hedges Pierson-chemist, Chicago; Ethel Irene Sloan- teacher, Mason; Emily Irene Soule; Robert Joseph Sackett-student Albion College, Eckford; James Guy Sherman; Rena Eugenia Wiley-stenographer, Grand Rapids; Harriet Merrill Wines (Mrs. Ed Hallifax).

From our Historical Notebook we present a photograph of the class of 1902, showing 26 of its members. The identifications are found on page 195 of my book “A History of the Albion Public Schools” which is still available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. If your high school class has a reunion this summer, be sure and have copies of my book on hand at your event. Also be sure and let your classmates know about our www.albionmich.com internet site where there is a guestbook they post messages, and a history section where they can read my past Albion history articles. If anyone has a photograph of the AHS classes of 1903 or 1904 let me know, as I would like to copy them for future use in this column when the time comes.

Albion High School Class of 1902


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