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Albion 100 Years Ago - JUNE 1902

Morning Star, June 9, 2002, pg. 7

We take note here in historical passing of the closing of St. John’s School on Friday, June 7. Several generations of local children were educated here, and hopefully there will be fond memories of their experiences at this parochial school which was a vital part of the ministry of St. John’s Catholic Church. Of course the serious question now on everyone’s mind is: Will the speed limit out there on Irwin Avenue be raised back up to 35 mph like it used to be before it was lowered to 25 on account of the school? Speak with your city councilperson.

We continue with our theme of Albion 100 Years ago. Week ending June 12, 1902: “A barn belonging to Joseph Biske on S. Hannah St. was destroyed by fire Sunday night, together with some corn, potatoes and other farm produce. There being no water supply on the street, it was impossible to extinguish the flames. There was $100 insurance on the building, but that will not cover the loss.” “The brick walls of John Hurley’s new barn and feed stable on N. Clinton St. were started toward completion at the beginning of this week.”

“James Lewis of Marengo was before Justice Lane Wednesday on the charge of breaking the Sunday observance law by keeping open a pool room and selling cigars on Sunday. The evidence was clear against Lewis, as witnesses were sworn who testified that they had played pool on Sunday at the place kept by him. In spite of this fact and also the fact that no defense was made the jury brought in a verdict of not guilty.” “Mr. and Mrs. Horace Farley returned Saturday night from Chicago, where they attended a Christian Science association meeting.”

June 19, 1902: “The pop works is doing a rushing business nowadays. A few days ago one order was received for 270 dozen bottles of pop and it was necessary for William J. Porr to go to Jackson after a carload of empty bottles.” “Eaton Rapids is considering a proposition from W. C. Eslow of this city for the reopening of the mineral bath houses there. A bonus will probably be raised for the purpose.” “Superior St. has now been torn up the entire distance from Cass to Erie for the electric road and rails are already laid a greater part of the distance. A gang of 40 men has pushed the work rapidly.”

June 26, 1902: “The second meet of the Central Michigan Trap shooters association is being held in this city today. The shooting began at the fairground at 9 am and will last all day.” “The Brooklyn injunction case against Jim McGuire to prevent him from playing with the Detroit club was begun Monday morning in the U.S. circuit court at Philadelphia.” “A part of the steel work for the electric road bridge in the west part of the city is already on the ground and the work of construction will probably be resumed again before long.”

“Albert Trader was arraigned before Justice Lane Tuesday afternoon for the larceny of a gold watch taken from the dwelling of Mrs. Margaret Marsh.” “The indications are that the electric road will soon be completed between this city and Bath Mills with the exception of the bridges.” “The complaint about boys bathing in the river and mill race without sufficient clothing has been looked after by the city marshal and the nuisance stopped.”

“At a 6 o’clock tea, this evening Mr. and Mrs. Marcus H. Crane entertained their nieces, Miss May Peabody of Denver, and Mrs. Madelon (Sheldon) Leffingwell of Chicago, also the latter’s son, Don Riley of Chicago. Mrs. Sheldon-Ismon, Mrs. W. T. Reed and Marc Reed of this city, were also guests.”

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