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Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 1902

Morning Star, November 3, 2002, pg. 11

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I encourage our readers to seriously consider giving my recently published book “Albion in the 20th Century” as gifts to your family and friends. Those who now live out-of-town will especially appreciate the fond memories found within its pages. Autographed copies are only available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce, or from yours truly who always has a quantity with me wherever I go.

We continue with our theme of Albion 100 years ago. Week ending November 6, 1902: “The transfer of the Red Mill property and the water power to the electric light company will probably be made as soon as certain minor details have been arranged.” “The sidetrack to the electric light plant has been completed.” “Five or six Albion people were on the grandstand which collapsed at the Michigan-Wisconsin football game in Chicago Saturday. However, only an umbrella and one or two hats were lost in the mix-up.”

Week ending November 20, 1902: “College not Embarrassed. Contributions are coming in very liberally from individuals and from churches. A new scheme for raising money. The indications are now very favorable for the wiping out of the entire indebtedness of Albion College, amounting to about $92,000.”

“There are 21 divorce cases on the calendar of the circuit court, the present term of which 11 were brought by wives who are weary of wedded life. Five of the cases are contested. Albion is represented by the following: Lucy Janes vs. Resta Janes; Sarah S. Root vs. Richard R. Root; Martha Gleason vs. William Gleason.” “Randolph Hagemann was before Justice Lane this week for assault and battery on John Fiss. He pleaded guilty and paid a fine and costs amounting to $8.”

“The Harmon Swift flouring mill concern at Springport is in trouble. Willis B. Harmon has asked for a receiver, alleging that J. F. and R. W. Swift have each week overdrawn their salaries in face of his protests. The concern is of considerable importance to this part of the state.” “A horse belonging to William Mulvany and hitched on Superior St. was frightened last Thursday evening by the Salvation Army.”

Week ending November 27, 1902: “This community was greatly shocked last Friday morning by the announcement that Fred L. Munger, proprietor of the Hotel Albion, had died at 8:30 of heart disease. Mr. Munger came to this city from Chicago in 1895.” “Tracks connected in Albion. President of Electric road promises cars shall be running by January 1, 1903. Rails and ties for completing the electric road on Cass St. were distributed Monday and the gap from Superior St. to the south end of the long electric road bridge will soon be closed up.” “The long electric road bridge was finally completed Saturday and the ties and rails have been laid over it this week.”

“The brick building at the corner of Eaton and Ash Sts. has been secured by the National Spring & Wire Co. They will manufacture coil wire springs.” “A telephone war is about to start in Jackson between the Bell and the People’s Telephone companies. The People’s Co. has 1300 subscribers and is giving excellent service, but the Bell is said to be giving poor service.” “Charles Sykes has returned from Lansing and again assumed the management of the Commercial Hotel.”

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