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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1903

Morning Star, March 2, 2003, pg. 12

We continue with our theme of Albion-100 Years Ago. Week ending March 5, 1903: “Fifty-nine coils of copper wire, each encased in canvas, were received yesterday for the new electric light plant. There is enough of it to stretch four and a half miles, and the work of stringing it will be commenced as soon as the poles can be got here, which of course depends on the railroads.” “It is reported that Frank L. Irwin is one of three men to strike it rich in an oil well at Charing Cross, Ontario.”

“A story, full of pathos, developed Tuesday in the sending of the remains of Mrs. Herschell Stanley from Michigan City to her former home in Albion, Michigan for burial. Her husband, who was believed by the police to be guilty of a crime, fled. Before disappearing he wrote a letter to his wife pleading his innocence and bidding her to follow him within a few days. Ten minutes after the ink of the farewell letter was dry Mrs. Stanley was a corpse. Evidence developed by the police after Stanley’s disappearance proved his innocence. The wife died in convulsions. Officers in every town in southern Michigan have been asked to find the husband, that he may follow the body of his wife to the grave. The couple until recently lived at Albion.”

March 12, 1903: “The remains of Mrs. Melissa Morrison were brought to this city from Galesburg Tuesday for burial. She was 85 years of age, and was the widow of William V. Morrison, a former prominent businessman of this city. Mr. Morrison married three sisters for his successive wives, and the remains of all three now rest in Riverside cemetery beside those of their husband.” “Among the new corporations that filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state last week was the Albion Engine and Motor Co., with a capital of $25,000.”

“Three years ago, 10 new store buildings were erected on Superior St. At that time there were about the same number vacant. Today if anyone wants to rent a place for business he will have to take one on a side street.” “Work is being rapidly pushed on the electric road buildings, west of the city. The office building is already enclosed and carpenters are at work on the interior.”

March 19, 1903. Obituary. “Philo Clark was born January 15, 1815 in Eaton, Madison, County, N.Y. His parents were Massachusetts people. He took great pleasure in the fact that his ancestors were among the early New Englanders, he being able to trace the family line back to the Winslows of the first years of the Plymouth colony...Mr. Clark and his family came to Albion in 1864...He held many township and county offices, and in 1858 was elected a member of the legislature without an opposing candidate.” [Note: Clark Street in Albion was named after Philo Clark]

March 26, 1903. “The store in the Howard Block recently vacated by Thompson’s bazaar is being fitted up to be occupied in the near future by McGuire Bros. saloon.” “Work on the telephone line from Devereux to Albion is progressing in fine shape.”

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